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Software Development

With an objective of developing and designing a variety of quality software products, we deliver innovative, optimum, and competitive services catering to various software project requirements. Our development team’s utmost dedication and adeptness in developing software applications simplify various business processes.

CRM Development

Customer Relationship Development, often abbreviated as CRM is a system for administering the business’s interaction with the current and potential target clients through organizing, automating and synchronizing advertising, sales and marketing, and customer support services.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Unlike CRM, it is used for administering the business operation. It is an effective system for enhancing the efficiency of the business process. It offers benefits like rapidly transferring important information across all concerned departments. Our customized ERP and CRM development services are created to increase the efficiency and for maximizing the production capacity via digitization.


Today the strategic objective of any business is to automate as many workflows and processes as possible so that the people can be smarter without toiling too much hard work.

Our team offers all kinds of outsourcing services to create managing software for facilitating the business including, CRM system development, ERP software development, information support integration system.

ERP Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an effective software used for administering and enhancing the business operations and processes in an organization. It integrates various functions like accounting, human resources, inventory and order management, customer relationship management (CRM), to name a few, into one complete system and further enables organizations to address concerns proactively and drive improvements.

By using integrated ERP software, you can maximize business visibility and control, along with predicting and preventing risks. It not only fast-tracks business and financial reporting but also improves performance in real time. Our customized ERP development services will incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with Machine Learning (ML) to automate core business operations, and predictive analysis to support decision-making in real-time.

Customized Software

Customized Software, sometimes referred to as bespoke or tailor-made software, is specially developed for a particular organization or an individual. Sometimes, the broadly used mass-market software programs are not able to meet the different demands and requirements of modern management and business processes. In such cases, companies call on IT-specialists for developing customized software, which would adapt to the concerns of already existing business operations, or create entirely new ones.

Customized Software is a great business opportunity, which is developed to improve internal workflow. It will not only provide you with exclusive ownership but also a high-security level at the same time. At Kerdasoftech, we offer customized software development and consulting services with the same functionality and features that you want there to be present.