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KERDA SOFTECH is known for delivering the highest quality SEO services for promoting online and escalating the Return on Investment of the business in an economically feasible way since 2010 across the globe.

There is no denying the fact the internet and SEO have taken 21st century by its storm and has completely changed the marketing scenario of every business irrespective of its size and its field. SEO is a significant tool for maximizing revenue and dominance in virtual space.


Post website development, an aggressive SEO strategy must be followed to improve the search engine ranking.

For improving the Search engine ranking “White Hat” SEO practice should be used to organically improve the business ranking, instead of ‘Black Hat” SEO practice which misleads results and ranking. quality services help in accumulating more organic traffic, sales, leads and revenue.

Standard services are not any serendipitous encounters, but a long term strenuous process to deliver unparalleled results. Our key focus is not only to generate more traffic and increase per click, but also to make it relevant to the client’s business interest.

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Precise keywords should be used for accelerating the website traffic. For a small business, it is really important to include the best keywords as the target area is comparatively less than the big businesses. Kerda Softech delivers you exactly the same.


Every business has its competitors and rivals and dealing with your arch rival in the same business is not an easy thing. So it is important to maintain the edge by all fair means to create the niche for your business.

It is crucial to walk the extra mile to improve the service standards because there is no dearth of service providers in the market. We at Kerda Softech will put all efforts in this part of your business so that you can solely focus on your core business.

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What sets us apart from other agencies is our economically viable services, without compromising with the service quality that we give. We can guarantee 100% best price without any hidden charges to our customers.

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Our clients can directly communicate with their assigned team to discuss their project, budget details, plan development and strategies, designing, work scope, scheduling, etc. For our clients' convenience, we do arrange meetings via video conferencing.

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We offer 24/7 services to our customers to deal with any problem or for fixing any bug to allow the work without any interruption or delay. A client can call us or email us at any time for any problem.

Customer First Approach

Every process, plan or policy we carry out are all client-centric. Complete transparency is maintained to keep the customers informed so that they do not feel alienated or lost from the entire process.

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