Frequently Asked Questions

Before signing or committing to any contract or service, Kerda Softech has an extensive “Client Questionnaire” that we ask our prospective clients to fill so that we can know more about their needs, clients, industry and their competitors. This questionnaire will not mean any sort of commitment binding upon the customers. Once you show interest in our services, only then we will start the process.
No a big no. All the services or the contract agreements are on a monthly basis. There are no hidden fees or extra charges for any service cancelled.
Kerda Softech provides IT services related to digital marketing, web designing, online reputation management, web development and mobile app development. We work with all sizes of business – small, medium or large. We make sure that the right professionals with extensive knowledge and experience are working on a particular project. We help business in finding the target audience, along with a powerful message that forms the engagement into a meaningful long-term relationship. To know more about our services, please reach out to us.
Most other marketing agencies offer a fraction of what, Kerda Softech can offer to its clients. Our place in the market is not any serendipitous counter, but is the result of constant efforts put in by our team which make us indomitable in the market.
Kerda Softech is a one-stop shop for Digital marketing, ORM, Web development, and many more, offering a business with a single entity to deal with all the requirements. Our internal structure allows the team to work together to produce exceptional results for the customers and act as a bridge between clients and us.
Kerda Softech always believes that you can never stand out from the crowd if you try to fit in. In a world of copycat offerings and outwardly same business model, a business needs to carve out its differentiation in the customer's mind. Remember, there is no place for mediocrity in this world, but there is always a place for the best.


Kerda Softech has always been 100% honest and unbiased with the clients every time. We make sure that the client knows what we are doing, why and how we are doing it and what is the relevance behind all the process that we follow.


We don’t have a habit of settling for routine, we want everything remarkable. If the client is hunting for a straight-laced bunch of humorless clones, then please move along with us. Every person in Kerda Softech is self-driven and passionate which reflected in our work. And it is simply because we love what we do, there are no two ways about it.


Expectations, goals, targets, assignments, ambition and budget can transform. And we can transform with them.
Once the brand is in the hand of the audience, you simply can’t control what a client says about the company or its brand. It is advisable that a company must join the conversations with the prospective customers and give attention to them, and add value to their services and to their business.
The client should first figure out their most active social media channel and decide where the audience is spending most of their time. It needs extensive research of the audience, their behavioral patterns and their demographics, and then follows-up with the brilliant plan execution to take your business to new heights.
All the reviews, rating or comments are the direct feedback from the customers. It is recommended not to write-off all the malicious comments from the account or page and pour all the good reviews about your company. Because no will buy your claim, if any customer is facing any problem or discontented with the service, please accept gracefully and take punitive measure to deal with the problem.