Why Every Business Should Invest In A Solid SEO Strategy?

SEO Strateg

All those who believe the illusion that SEO is dead, then, it’s time to shatter their illusion, as it is far from being dead. You can Google to find out whether SEO is dead or not, and you will come across 44 million references for that. It indicates that  SEO is not slowing down in the coming future.

SEO has changed drastically over the year that now people think it as less of marketing strategy and more of a branding play.

 Here’s a list of reasons why a business should invest in a solid SEO strategy:

1- SEO Still Works

First and foremost, the techniques employed to search engine optimization (SEO) are still working. Even though data related to organic traffic from Google were pulled fairly recently, the techniques themselves remain sound. There are numerous SEO case studies performed post-Hummingbird to validate this.

2- Cost-effective

Compared to costs related to other online marketing forms like social media marketing, PPC advertising or email marketing, SEO offers fairly good ROI.  PPC indeed generates more revenue and social media may increase your popularity, but organic traffic from SEO remains a pillar of every business’s online presence.

3- Grabs More Market

According to some estimates, 80-90% of customers check the online review before making any purchase. These numbers are expected to increase, and it won’t be long before virtually every customer is browsing for goods and service online. Every company wants to be easily located by its customers. Customer will find it hard to locate you and will end up finding your rivals instead if your SEO strategy is not in place.

4- Rise of Mobile Bandwidth and Local SEO

With the dramatic explosion in mobile usage, the amount of traffic delivered to mobile devices is expected to surpass the traditional desktop devices. With this, a new world of robust SEO techniques has opened up for business like Local SEO, especially for small and medium scale enterprise.

5- Content Profile

With every algorithm update, search engine changes the way they rank the websites. Indicators like social media indicators which do not exist a few years back are now given importance for considerably impacting the ranking. So, not having a healthy and robust content profile spread out months and a year is potentially perilous to your website ranking. It is one of the factors Goggle checks when giving ranking to the website.

6-To Have an Edge upon Rivals

A company that does not optimize and strategize its SEO will lose ground to its competitor who is optimizing its SEO. So, don’t let your rivals out manoeuvre your customers by overlooking this incredible tool for your company.

To succeed in terms of online marketing, a business must have a robust SEO strategy in place. Although it is getting complicated with each day, investing in organic SEO is more important than ever before to build the online presence of any business.

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