Ways of Increasing Traffic to a Website

Increasing Traffic


In today’s ever-evolving digital era and highly competitive business environment, if you go ahead and ask the marketers or entrepreneurs about their business goals and objectives, they would most probably say ‘more customers.’ Without any second thoughts, the only thing that comes after ‘customers’ on a business’ wish list is more traffic to the business website. So, let us make ourselves familiar with a few ways using which you can increase traffic to your website by attracting billions of people across the globe.

1- Advertise and Promote

Advertising on social media, along with paid search and display advertising are all brilliant ways of attracting and engaging your potential customers, building your brand’s entity, and getting your business website in front of your target audience. It is advisable to adjust your paid strategies as per your business goals to increase both the traffic and the conversion rates. Furthermore, by targeting the use of relevant keywords in your overall Digital Marketing and paid search strategies, you can drive more sales as the competition for the search terms is both fierce and expensive nowadays.

2- Social Media Marketing

Creating great content and waiting for people to find it isn’t an appropriate approach. One has to be proactive and extensively use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to promote the business and spread the word about their brand.

3- Catchy Headlines

It is essential to master the art of coming up with compelling headlines as they are indeed a crucial part of your content, be it in the form of blog posts, news articles, or email subject lines. Without an attractive headline, even the most informative and relevant blog post would go unread. Hence, think about the headline before clicking the ‘publish’ button and gain maximum traffic to your website.

4- On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a terrific opportunity for marketers and business owners to establish greater visibility and searchability of their brand. Therefore, you must optimize your content for the search engines, create internal links to new content, write engaging Meta descriptions, and make the most of image alt text to boost the organic traffic.

5- Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still very much a powerful tool for attracting new customers and achieving a significant uptick in traffic. However, it is also necessary to make a point of the fact that the marketers should never send relentless emails to the clients corresponding to every single update of their business. Nevertheless, a friendly email reminder concerning a new product or service can boost a lot of traffic.

6- Fast and Responsive Website

Ensuring that your business website is accessible, responsive, and viewable across a wide range of devices, including smartphones, should be given utmost importance. Also, you must ensure that your website doesn’t take forever to load as the faster your website loads, the better shall be the results.

7- LinkedIn

As the world’s most popular professional social media channel, LinkedIn is undoubtedly now a valuable publishing platform as well, which implies the need to post your content on this network, that too, regularly. Doing so will increase traffic to your website, improve your fan following, and enhance your online visibility.

8- Guest Blogging

The importance of guest blogging is not known to every other person. However, securing a guest post on a well-known site can immensely increase blog traffic to your business website. Moreover, the concept of guest blogging is a two-way process, as you can also invite people from your industry to write blogs on your website. All you need to do is ensure high-quality guest blogging without spammy links.

9- Videos

Although text-based content is all well and good, engaging videos are also a valuable asset of attracting new customers and making your website more famous. According to various reports and surveys conducted by experts, visual material has a significantly higher rate of information retention as compared to text. That’s why Video Marketing is an excellent way of grabbing the audience’s attention, along with boosting traffic to your website.

10- Long-Tail Keywords

After covering all the relevant and high-intent keywords, it’s time to target the long-tail keywords as well. As long-tail keywords constitute a large portion of the web searches, you must use them as a part of SEO Techniques and efforts, and paid search.

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