Ways of Increasing and Improving Email Open Rates


Whether it is about initiating one-on-one conversations with your colleagues or sending messages to your clients across the globe, emails have become the standard for digital communication. For Digital Marketers, emails are indeed a great way to connect with the target audience. However, till the time emails continue to remain, such a popular means of communication, some challenges will also be there. In today’s fast-paced world, business owners and users deal with a lot of emails in their inbox. According to various reports and surveys conducted, there are currently around 4.9 billion active email accounts worldwide, with an average business user receiving 92 emails every day. The harsh reality is that nowadays, a lot of emails sent get ignored. So, what all can you do to get your emails noticed? There are multiple tricks and tips for Email Marketing that can boost your email open rates, which shall further help you in attracting your target audience, bringing more traffic to your business website, and generating more leads. Let’s get ourselves familiar with a few ways using which you can improve and increase your email open rates.


Your email content is crucial to the success of your Email Marketing Strategy. Without engaging content, your customers or users shall move on to the next email in their inbox.

Email Subject Lines 

Email subject lines are a significant part of your email content. The best subject lines often use actionable and concise language to grab the attention of the target market. Therefore, it is imperative for marketing experts and business owners to strike a balance between telling the users why they should open the emails and fulfilling all their expectations. You should consider:

      1. Quoting metrics, statistics, or testimonials
      2. Creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity
      3. Giving special offers
      4. Using humor
      5. Posing a compelling question

Email Body Text

It is necessary to realize the fact that both clarity and preciseness should be the cornerstones of your emails. The email body text should cater more towards providing relevant information than persuading the users (saving the latter for email subject lines). Once they have opened your email, you need to make sure that every point stated in it is clear and understandable. Using short and on-point sentences can help you in achieving all this.


For an email to be appealing, focusing on its design is vital. According to the experts in Digital Marketing, approximately 90% of the information absorbed and retained by the brain is visual, and the first thing the users should see is some imagery. With the availability of different arrays of visual content, you can grab the opportunity to ‘speak’ on behalf of your business more than ever before. So, try to use visuals designs in your emails to make sure your message is perceived well by the target audience by creating a sense of recognition between you and them.


Sometimes, you might want to go ahead with different styles of design and content to stand out from the crowd and stay in front of your competitors. A/B testing or the process of coming up with two different emails and then comparing which one performs better should answer the following questions:

      1. During what time of the day should you send your email?
      2. Which is the most appropriate email subject line?
      3. What name should you use in the ‘From’ field?
      4. What kind of templates, content, and call-to-action affect user engagement?
      5. Should you use personalization tags?

With A/B testing, you can have the freedom of experimentation, keep your finger on the pulse of the latest Digital Marketing Strategies and trends, and boost your open and click rates.


Like other marketing tactics, email marketing also isn’t over once the emails are sent to the end-users. Hence, it is advisable to look for ways in which you can monitor your campaign’s success and make sincere efforts to make sure your emails get noticed. Email automation tools can prove to be beneficial in scheduling your email campaigns and using analytics in reporting to improve and refine the quality of your emails. Besides, you can also use software that will notify you when an email’s been opened up. So, if you know that a person has opened your email but not responded to it, you can follow them up with something better.


The widespread presence of emails in the digital age has caused their life expectancy to become shorter than ever before. To overcome that, you need to be hardworking towards nurturing your Email Marketing Strategy through its complete lifestyle, i.e., from start to finish. Working towards the email content, its design, and how you send it out to your target audience is the need of the hour, which shall help you in improving your open rates as well as connecting well with your clients.

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