6 Ways of Driving Traffic to Your Website through Social Media

Traffic with Social Media

You must have come across many people saying that social media platforms help businesses significantly in engaging with their target audience. Also, according to various surveys conducted, 92% of the business owners consider social media as a crucial aspect of their overall Digital Marketing Strategy; do you know why? It is because social media networks hold immense potential for helping you build brand recognition, fostering a community around your business, and growing your bottom line. Furthermore, as the number of global social media users is increasing day-by-day, it has indeed become the most effective way of finding your potential customers and connecting with them efficiently. So, let us discuss everything related to how social media can help you in driving traffic to your website.

Exploring Social Media for Your Business

If you have just entered the world of social media for making your business lead towards the ultimate path of success, you might think that social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the only options available. However, this isn’t the scenario since there are several other fantastic options worth looking into as well, namely Pinterest – for sharing visual content like images or infographics from your blog posts, Tumblr – for creating a multimedia diary to support your prime business website, Google+ – for sharing content on Google’s platform along with boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Snapchat – for documenting the behind-the-scenes videos of your business, and Reddit – for engaging with your target audience and proving your knowledge in the industry.

Understanding the Importance of Targets

Every other Social Media Marketing Strategy needs to focus on goals and metrics, or what we refer to as the Key Performance Indicators (numerical marketing metrics that track your progress towards a well-defined goal within a marketing channel) in fancy terms for measuring success. They will also help you in determining whether the platforms you are working on are offering you any good or not. For instance, there is no point in investing time and effort into Pinterest if your potential customers are not active on it. Goals can be anything like growing the number of followers you have on social media, say by 50% in six months, or increasing the social media referral traffic. However, you need to make a point of the fact that you should decide your goal first, stick to it, and then refer back to it from time to time.

How to Effectively Drive Website Traffic via Social Media?

1- Fill in your profile on social media platforms

The first thing that people see after clicking on your social media page is undoubtedly your profile. Whether it is your Facebook about section, Twitter bio, or LinkedIn company page, you must put in sincere efforts to ensure that everything you write or mention is attractive in all aspects. What you can effectively do is write a little about your business and drop a link to your business website. As social media now contributes to an increasing proportion of all the traffic generated, you can also get a slice of this action by adding the backlinks to your website.

2- Promote your blog posts

It is a matter of fact that yes – you put in a lot of time and effort writing content for your blog posts. Hence, there is a need to make sure that you bring your latest masterpiece in front of the entire world as well. By sharing blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, to name a few, you can efficaciously build your profile, keep your feed fresh and active, and attract the right audience at the right time. Additionally, you can also quote different snippets of your post and ask relevant questions from your target audience.

3- Make sure your content is easy to share

Knowing that your followers have shared your blog posts or articles on their social media accounts with their friends, family, and coworkers is indeed a piece of brilliant news for your business. Therefore, you must allow and encourage your website visitors to go ahead with sharing the content hosted on your blog post by embedding the social media share buttons. You can also share the exact number of shares a particular blog post has on various social media platforms, which shall, in turn, help in further increasing the number of shares. Additionally, you can also include buttons like “Click to Tweet” so that the users can instantly share interesting snippets or facts with their followers.

4- Post content only when your audience is most active

There is nothing good about posting content on social media platforms if your potential customers aren’t online to see it. Hence, the best time to post content is when your target audience is most active, which is their peak time. You can also use tools like Followerwonk for determining what time of the day your audience is most active and customize your posting schedule accordingly.

5- Pay due attention to sharing visual content

For ensuring that your potential customers don’t miss out on any relevant and helpful piece of content, you can come up with compelling visual content that stands out from the rest. As visual content has higher chances of getting shared on social media than any other form of content, you must look forward to adding elements like infographics, videos, GIFs, images, graphs, and animations.

6- Engage with your target audience consistently

Quite often, people overlook the aspect of social media, which is highly not advisable as the social media channels are unique and can engage you directly with your target audience. You can get online reviews, answer the queries of your customers, and improve the overall user experience. You can search for relevant hashtags and strike conversations with people who include them in their social media posts as well. Moreover, you should also respond to tweets and comments by mentioning your business name and never ignore your notifications and mentions.

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