Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mobile App Development


Due to the rising customer demand for on-the-go access to content, mobile apps are now at the center of technological revolution and every Digital Marketing Strategy. There’s an app for almost every category, including food, banking, gaming, shopping, and social media. According to various reports and surveys conducted, mobile users spend more than 5 hours a day on mobile apps. Since mobile apps have become such an integral part of our everyday lives, it has become essential for tech companies to discover and come up with something new and exciting. In App Development, the latest trends involve the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). With the use of AI, an app can provide a more personalized experience to its users by evaluating data and identifying key patterns in user behavior. To extract the power of AI and use it in your business’ Mobile App Development, here are a few ideas and tips that will take your brand strategy to another level.


One of the most prominent and beneficial uses of AI is Machine Learning (ML) as it helps the companies in examining large repositories of data and making insightful conclusions as per the derived information. Doing so is imperative for businesses because AI can efficiently analyze user behavior and determine their preferences leading to increased customer satisfaction and better customer experience. Delivering personalized content and experience to the end-users is one of the most vital aspects of a business as it keeps them engaged with the brand. By incorporating AI in your overall Marketing Strategy, you can show your audience that you are always paying attention to their likes and dislikes, and demands. It will further help in improving your brand’s reputation by increasing user retention and driving more revenue.


Business owners and entrepreneurs usually respond to hundreds of inquiries and requests in a single day. The inquiries are mostly related to your services and products or your business’ hours of working and operation. Many well-recognized companies like Google have integrated a feature for user convenience in their mobile app that uses AI to create customized responses based on the messages sent by the users. Such features have an option of saving the recommended or frequently used answers and using them the next time someone has a similar or related query. Hence, using AI to respond to the customers is, without any doubt, a powerful brand strategy tool and will give your team the ability to craft relevant and precise responses for the user queries.


One of the best applications of AI that has gained immense popularity among the customers is voice-powered technology or voice search. The rise in this technology implies that businesses should look forward to integrating it into their mobile app development. One way of using the voice technology is via the integration of virtual assistant like Siri, which will allow the users to activate certain features or elements of your app through their voice. For instance, Domino’s has recently collaborated with Amazon and integrated Alexa into their mobile app to enable the customers to order pizza while doing other household chores.


Image Recognition (IR) technology is for identifying and detecting objects in digital images and videos. It can diagnose diseases, detect license plates, and verify the users by analyzing their faces. Many companies nowadays provide image recognition systems to their customers and also use the same in the analysis of payments and images for checking bank cards. Therefore, mobile app developers can begin to integrate this feature and ensure that their brand stays ahead of their arch competitors.

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