Using Chatbots in 2020 – Trends, Best Practices, and Benefits


The present digital age has a plethora of messaging apps, and with such apps, comes the rise of chatbots. A chatbot is specifically an AI system that is capable of interacting well with users via speech, text, or messaging. Without any second thoughts, the rapid expansion of Facebook Messenger has indeed given many businesses across the globe the opportunity to reach out to their target audience through chatbots and APIs. Chatbots have now become more of a necessity in the Digital Marketing world, and this wave has been put forward by the ease of accessibility to customizable chatbots. As per various reports and surveys conducted, somewhere around 69% of the customers prefer chatbots over human agents as they provide convenient and appropriate answers. Irrespective of the service area, which can be finance, banking, or any other field, customers do look forward to getting round-the-clock service assistance. Consequently, more number of enterprises are tirelessly developing chatbots and virtual assistants for addressing their customers’ concerns at any moment.

Chatbot Trends

The industry is experiencing tremendous growth at present, mostly associated with cognition and perception. Prime industry players are undoubtedly emerging strongly in voice recognition with products like Siri, Google Home, and Alexa. When it comes to revenue generation, chatbots are now becoming vital. They are also particularly beneficial in enhancing brand awareness, increasing lead generation, and saving a lot of money. By driving a brilliant conversational experience and proactively addressing the requests posed by a customer, chatbots are taking over interaction with human agents.

Best Practices for Chatbot Marketing

It is a matter of fact that yes – the world is slowly and gradually leading towards the direction of texting in place of calling. Hence, there is a dire need for business enterprises to optimize chatbots effectively and achieve fruitful outcomes. A few of the best practices to get you going are as follows:

  1. Executing a task with no particular objective in mind is not possible, and the same applies to chats as well. It implies that you need to be sure why you require using a chatbot and what purpose it will serve in your overall business and marketing strategy. Having an understanding of the same shall help you in creating specific design experience and setting up the right parameters for the chatbot’s analysis.
  2. Having a user-friendly and grammatically correct chatbot is necessary as a poorly phrased or a grammatically incorrect greeting will cause more harm to your business than any good.
  3. Make sure that you list the functionalities and features of your chatbot upfront to give the customers the right direction as and when they engage with your chatbot. Additionally, try giving your chatbot some personality, which would reflect the tone of your brand while engaging with the customers.
  4. A marketing chatbot has an integral role to play in lead management. Chatbots should do the bulk of work for you and reduce the number of people waiting to get their problems solves or questions answered. If your chatbot isn’t doing the same, then the whole process would become ineffective sooner or later. So, let your chatbot handle all the queries efficiently in such a way that by the time a call gets to you, you are already aware of what the customer on the other end is going to ask.
  5. The way every chatbot needs some personality, it is also equally imperative to pay due attention to the style of conversation of your chatbot. One effective way of doing the same is by breaking down the information into chunks of messages that are user-friendly in all aspects. The trick here lies in keeping everything short, crisp, and relevant. Maintaining a balance between quirkiness and professionalism is of the utmost importance. So, avoid sending lengthy paragraphs, add word variations like synonyms to make sure that the chatbot understands every direction of the conversation, and craft the voice and personality of your chatbot.

Benefits of Chatbots in Digital Marketing

Although the chatbot technology is relatively new, the future looks promising as it has some crucial benefits in digital marketing, which are as follows:

  1. Chatbots save time and money as they can actively undertake various duties, that too, at the same time.
  2. They generate leads and more revenue quite conveniently, which results in increased conversion rates.
  3. Chatbots guide the users in achieving better outcomes by solving their issues and providing them relevant information.
  4. They provide after-hours support and help people get immediate responses to their queries on a 24-hour basis.


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