Top 8 Web Design Trends to watch out for in 2020

Web Design Trends

In the present digital age, Web Design Trends are constantly evolving and continuously changing. In 2020, the technical possibilities and advancements seem to be endless, as many web designers are looking forward to playing with the extremes, reinventing the previous styles, and experimenting ceaselessly with the latest techniques. Also, at the same time, there are a few popular and widely-used styles that won’t fade away, including the ever-present minimalism and colorful flat illustrations that we are seeing for quite some time now. So, what shall be the web design trends in 2020 be like; let’s find out.

    1. Dark Mode
    2. Imperfections
    3. Glowing Color Schemes
    4. Immersive 3D Design Elements
    5. Extremely Minimalist Navigation
    6. Wide Frames of White Space
    7. Floating Elements and Soft Shadows
    8. Using Photographs Mixed with Graphics

1- Dark Mode

Without any second thoughts, dark backgrounds appear ultra-modern, make the design elements stand out more, offer ease to the eyes, and create a much higher contrast ratio with the use of different colors. While being a visually stunning web design trend, dark themes work better for OLED screens by extending screen lifespan and saving power; however, this functionality doesn’t stop them from appearing terrific in other scenarios as well. By providing a complete dynamic design, the dark mode fits perfectly and aesthetically with other prevalent web design trends of 2020, which include moody and dark color schemes combined with glowing neon shades.

2- Imperfections

Imperfect design elements, including hand-drawn icons and hand-made illustrations, add emotion, humanity, and a different personality to the websites, which the users seem to be looking forward to for quite a while now. By adding some hand-drawn realness, you can give heart and soul to your website design and make it appealing. Furthermore, stylized and unique hand-drawn design elements add extra positivity, build your brand’s personality, and make you stand out from your arch-competitors.

3- Glowing Color Schemes

In 2020, we will see futuristic color schemes and courageous color pairings used strategically to give the web designs a luminous vibe. As the web design is becoming much bolder and daring, using highly-saturated colors or glow-in-the-dark neon colors in combination with darker shades like blue, purple, or hot pink, can make the web design trend of dark themes shine better.

4- Immersive 3D Design Elements

3D design elements have always delighted people to a great extent. The reason why this trend held back for quite a time ago was the lack of technology available and its expensive price tag. But now, it has opened its gates to an increasing number of designers. Till the time the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) becomes more cost-effective and mainstream, 3D visuals shall continue taking up the entire screen by creating an immersive experience for your website. Furthermore, interactive 3D designs hold immense potential for engaging users to stay for long. As 2020 unfolds, web designers shall use more 3D designs to break down the boundaries between reality and digital space.

5- Extremely Minimalist Navigation

For quite a while now, navigation has been becoming much more convenient to accommodate the small devices like smartwatches and even smaller attention spans. With ultra-minimalist navigation, usability becomes a lot easier as the users have to spend less time thinking about how to move around a website. At the same time, large-scale videos and images using only a bare minimum of text have higher chances of impressing your users as well. With less text on your website, images represent the prime focus of your brand our business; so, it is highly advisable to always go for powerful, or artful visuals.

6- Wide Frames of White Space

Web designers nowadays are moving towards implementing wide structures and playing with a variety of ways to use a lot of white space for giving their designs a better structure and stability. By making use of clear, structured, and concise framing, we shall see the web designers creating a perfect foundation in 2020 for having the website’s visuals shine. Furthermore, neatly structured and well-organized frames around a website give rise to a satisfying sense of order and help in prioritizing and separating the different elements of a webpage.

7- Floating Elements and Soft Shadows

This web design trend focuses on creating the effect of depth. If you like the 3D effect from above and wish to tone it down, you can efficiently use soft shadows and floating elements to create a pseudo-3D effect and make your website design appear even more layered and interesting. Also, in addition to graphics, you can use this effect with pictures and text too. For extended depth, the designers can add soft drop shadows to the 2D layout and further layer the elements on top of each other. With these effects, the designers can give a lightweight feel to their designs in contrast to the classic and impenetrable flat design.

8- Using Photographs Mixed with Graphics

Mixing or overlapping original graphics with real photographs helps in creating a memorable and customized visual, which, in turn, takes your creativity to another level and makes it wild. This collage-like web design trend is versatile in all aspects as it fully supports brands and makes the websites stand out from their competitors. By adding a lot of charm to your otherwise bland product or service photos, you can use these attributes to communicate better and add more personality to your website design. However, be sure of matching the style of the graphics and detailed illustrations with your brand personality to make the most out of this web design trend.

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