Top 6 Reasons Explaining Why Email Marketing is Still Relevant

email marketing

Without any second thoughts, the Digital Marketing landscape is continuously changing and ever-evolving due to the creation of brand new trends, innovations, and digital networks. Most of these changes hold immense potential for bringing in exciting opportunities for brands and businesses. However, they also represent a new set of challenges and problems. With business firms and organizations all searching for the best and most effective Digital Marketing Strategy, how much priority should you give to the email campaigns in 2020? Digital advertisements and online messaging from social media channels have now saturated our daily lives, including our already existing customers and potential customers. Furthermore, brands and businesses nowadays are also making the most out of Influencer Marketing to reach their target audience effectively. In such a scenario, is it still crucial for your business to invest time, money, and effort into Email Marketing?

Without any doubt, the answer is yes, as email marketing still holds a lot of value in the digital marketing world. So let us now make ourselves familiar with the top 10 reasons explaining why email marketing is still relevant.

1- Email Marketing Keeps Your Brand on Top of Mind

As per various reports and surveys conducted in 2018, somewhere around 80% of the users do check their emails regularly. The percentage is only likely to increase as communications over digital networks have grown to a great extent over quite some time now. Also, users may skip checking their social media accounts for a few days but usually end up going through their emails several times a day. It is indeed a contributing factor to your brand getting successful in advertising on social media. Moreover, it also implies that email marketing is a terrific opportunity for your business to gain and nurture online visibility and awareness.

2- Email Marketing Increases Brand Recognition

At present, there are a handful of widely-known brands across the globe, which have gained immense popularity and have become synonymous with the industry they operate. For instance, Spotify is an identifiable brand, whose emails are not only beautifully created but also relevant in all aspects. While it may seem to be an illusion, but email marketing can establish a brand entity, irrespective of the size of the business. It gives a direct pathway to the email inboxes of both your already existing and potential customers and lets you have a distinct advantage over your competitors once you begin creating valuable and engaging content. Additionally, you can utilize email marketing to get customer feedback and reviews, start a survey, or create a discussion around social media. By involving your target audience, you can provide valuable content to them via your emails and design your efforts around them accordingly.

3- Email Marketing Keeps Your Customers Informed

One can never deny the fact that email marketing helps brands and businesses significantly in staying connected with their customers at all times. According to many digital marketing experts, customers usually look forward to getting email marketing campaigns from their favorite brands. Also, it is not only about exclusive offers, coupons, or discounts as online shoppers usually subscribe to store or product emails for staying informed and updated. Besides, brands and businesses that incorporate compelling videos in their emails are likely to get an additional 40% increase in their revenue generated. It is imperative to stay connected to your customer base, and email marketing makes that task convenient to perform.

4- Email Marketing helps you in Retaining Subscribers

Another brilliant advantage of email marketing is that it provides your business with an opportunity to reach out to the target audience directly and further retain them on your subscriber list. As ever-changing algorithms on social media dominate what content the users shall see, businesses usually end up paying a lot of money for boosting posts so that their customers can see them. The same issue doesn’t exist in the case of email marketing. Your email subscriber list belongs to you, and you don’t have to pay someone an additional amount for sending a message to your subscribers. Therefore, we can say that email marketing is the best tactic for sending out high-quality content.

5- Email Marketing Allows you to Create Automated Journeys

The ultimate beauty of using email marketing lies in the fact that it allows you to send out highly-targeted and impactful email campaigns that automate the user’s journey through your website. The approach is exceedingly efficient when we talk about sales for e-commerce stores. Let us consider an example to have a better understanding of the same – suppose you send out an email to your users corresponding to the best outfit to wear on a Saturday night, and then include a few questions at the end of your email for allowing users to choose different outfits. In this particular scenario, you can direct the users to a page on your business website or even send an automated response, which lists all the different types of outfits available. By doing the same, you are essentially creating an ecosystem in your digital marketing tactics capable of grabbing the users’ attention and converting them into your long-term customers.

6- Email Marketing Drives Visitors to your Website

It is a matter of fact that yes – website traffic is a primary focus for most of the business firms and organizations across the globe. The digital age has created an increasingly complex need for emphasizing a company’s online presence or web presence, due to which, brands and businesses are making use of the latest tactics and trends for increasing web traffic, enhancing SEO rankings, and cultivating online authority. With email marketing, companies can effectively drive more visitors to their website and get a valuable method for tracking which parts of their website attract maximum engagement and interest.

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