The Importance of Performing an SEO Audit

SEO Audit

When we talk about Digital Marketing in the present highly competitive business environment, performing an SEO Audit is indeed one of the most crucial tasks, which can offer an overview and detailed insight of where your website currently stands. Often referred to as the process of strengthening and altering a website’s online visibility and relevancy, an SEO audit generally covers significant components of a website, including indexing, site architecture, backlink analysis, social media management, content-related issues, keyword density, and on-page and off-page activities. Having a better understanding of all these components along with how they work is integral to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and potentials that a website has in natural search.

There are many ranking signals that search engines use for evaluating where your website should rank for in a given search query. While some of them carry more importance than the others, but all of them, if not adequately optimized, can harm your website’s performance. The ultimate aim of performing an SEO audit is to review as many of these ranking signals for coming across what is working well, which elements require improvement, and which sections of the website need attention.

Different Types of SEO Audits

1. SEO Technical Audit-

It will help you in identifying the technical issues on your website that restrict the search engines to crawl through your website or understand the content on it. The SEO technical audit report shall efficiently note down all the technical issues along with their effective solutions so that you can take further action as soon as possible.

2. Competitive Website Audit-

It can give you a complete picture corresponding to what your competitors are doing for SEO by comparing your SEO activities and efforts with theirs. The entire process shall allow you to figure out what can work well for your brand and build your business.

3. SEO Link and Content Audit-

There is a dire requirement to audit the website content and links for ensuring that your search ranking is never negatively affected. Link auditing makes you familiar with issues concerning inbound links or broken links on your website. SEO content audit evaluates the content present on your website for relevancy.

4. Local SEO Audit-

With a local SEO audit, you can get precise and actionable data corresponding to the prime areas of local optimization, such as local citations, local listings, on-site and off-site activities, and local search reviews and rankings. Its report outlines the issues concerning these prime areas so that you can fix them effectively and improve the rankings.

Benefits of Performing an SEO Audit

1. Finds SEO Weaknesses

This benefit might seem to be quite obvious; however, you should never underestimate it. It is always essential to determine whether some elements of your website, especially the on-page ones, are correctly optimized or not. For instance – the length of Meta descriptions should ideally be between 150-169 characters, and if in case yours are too long or too short, then they undoubtedly need tweaking. Presently, SEO has evolved into something way more complicated and is no longer only about placing relevant keywords at the correct sections on your website. Nowadays, many search engines like Google pay due attention to how your website is performing on various levels, including its quality of content and technical performance. Additionally, it is also imperative to make a point of the fact that Google keeps updating its algorithms, due to which, it is highly advisable to adapt to such changes quickly and build your SEO auditing programs accordingly.

2. Focuses on the Measurability Factor

Whether you are an in-house digital marketer performing SEO or a client using an SEO service, you require measuring the effectiveness of the work carried out on your business website. Performing an initial SEO audit shall help you in setting a scene upon which you can efficiently measure progress and all the metrics. Furthermore, if you are not aware of the situation that was there before, you will face difficulty in understanding whether your website has improved or not.

3. Prioritizes Digital Marketing –

Performing an SEO audit shall help you in discovering several prime areas that require improvement. Without any second thoughts, it always divides different tasks into mini-projects so that you can work on them accordingly. Things that have an impact on usability, such as customized 404 pages and implementing well-structured data markup, are a few tasks that hold immense potential for improving and enhancing the user experience. Initially focusing on technical SEO is of the utmost importance as it has a significant impact on the overall performance of a website. Similarly, if you find out that your bounce rate is pretty high and you can’t drive your target audience to your website, then you require giving more priority to optimizing your landing pages for increased conversions.

4. Tracks Progress of Keywords

Without any second thoughts, one of the most effective and best ways of establishing how efficiently your website is performing is by tracking and monitoring the movement of your keywords. By optimizing your website, you will see that your keywords move up in the search engine rankings. Similarly, negative keyword movement can indicate some crucial issues and even penalties. SEO Auditing tools like WooRank can help you immensely in recording the progress of keywords using which you can analyze how well your website has performed over time.

5. Assesses the Competition

SEO audits are not limited to the website that you own, as you can proactively perform them on your competitor’s website also. With the help of a tool like KWFinder, you can come across the keywords that your competitors are using and also discover whether it would be possible for your business to rank for the same keywords or not. You can also look forward to examining their backlinks for finding out who is linking to them, and, in turn, target those websites to get a better link to your business website. Additionally, you can also investigate their approach to Social Media Marketing and extract some wisdom and guidelines from the same.

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