Steps of Launching a Successful PPC Campaign

Pay-per-Click Advertising Campaign

Without any second thoughts, Pay-per-Click (PPC) Campaigns are an essential element of every comprehensive Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy as they are capable of bringing in immediate results. Brands and businesses across the globe can achieve multiple goals with a PPC campaign, such as identifying new leads, enhancing brand visibility, increasing traffic, and gaining more conversions. However, for ensuring success, creating a PPC campaign requires some strategic planning. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with a few steps of doing the same.

Step 1 – Research Keywords

Keyword research is undoubtedly a crucial component of a successful PPC campaign. The keywords you select help search engines in knowing when to display your ads. It is also equally imperative to choose the most relevant keywords and keyword phrases for making sure that they can be considered as a prospect search as and when there is the intent to buy something related. It indeed works in the best way round for a PPC campaign. A few tips for selecting the right keywords for your brand and its business are as follows:

  1. Find out what your target audience and potential customers are looking for, specifically.
  2. Check out what your arch competitors are doing presently.
  3. Be specific with the keywords to a great extent.
  4. Look at the keywords into the buying cycle as far as possible.

Remember, the better are the keywords you choose – the more are the clicks you will get. Also, it is essential to make a point of the fact that the negative keywords have importance, too, as they help significantly in filtering out what you want to exclude.

Step 2 – Create a Compelling Call To Action

Determining what objectives you are looking forward to achieving with your PPC campaign is critical before creating the Call to Action (CTA). After being aware of what you want to give, ensure that your potential customers are getting what they want. The next stage revolves around creating the CTA around those two things. Keep in mind that when you ask your target audience to come and get the offerings, deliver what you promised to them. Besides, make sure that the CTA in the PPC campaign matches the landing page and the business website, and includes a form to fill out or calls for prospective clients to interact, chat, and call now.

Step 3 – Optimize your Business Website and Landing Page

Analyzing and auditing your business website and the landing page so that they work in conjunction with your PPC campaign is an exceedingly crucial step. The reason why prospects click on a PPC campaign is the content that intrigued them, and they are willing to learn more about a brand. In this scenario, if the link directs them to a website or landing page that is unrelated, then they won’t stay for pretty long. As there must have been something in your PPC campaign that resulted in leaving the prospects wanting more, every brand and business must create a landing page that coincides well with the content. Additionally, you must make sure that you optimize the landing page and website for the best performance. If the prospect gets there, and the business website or landing page takes too much time in loading or isn’t visually appealing, then they will leave.

Step 4 – Measure Performance

Even after your PPC ad campaign starts running, your work isn’t complete, as this is the time when you have to begin tracking and measuring its performance to make any required changes for improving the results. A brilliant way of doing the same is with A/B testing, which requires running two almost identical versions of the same PPC campaign with little difference at the same time. What you can effectively do is modify the keyword or the CTA, and then determine which one out of two delivers better results. Once you have a clear idea, you can cancel the nonproducing PPC campaign for not wasting your money any further.

Step 5 – Motivate your Prospects for Taking Action

By following all the steps outlined here, your PPC campaign shall emerge as a winner in all aspects, and you will get to see an improvement in your overall conversion rates as well. However, it is also imperative at the same time to keep motivating your prospects to take action by planning and implementing Digital Marketing Strategies and then re-strategizing and re-implementing them as and when required.

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