Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips – How to Get Mobile Apps Ranked in SERPs

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Having a mobile app holds immense potential for exposing your brand and its business to a far greater pool of potential customers. In the present highly competitive business environment, all the app developers are looking forward to enhancing and improving the visibility of their mobile apps. As there are a lot of apps uploaded on the app stores every day, it has indeed become arduous for people to market and promote their apps. Without any second thoughts, most of the users across the globe access the Internet and search for apps on various search engines using their mobile devices or smartphones. Hence, there is a dire requirement for every app developer to consider the aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For making your app appear on the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you must invest in SEO and consequently increase the maximum visibility of your app. As per various reports and surveys conducted, most of the Internet users come across mobile apps while browsing the Internet via their mobile devices, which leads to the fact that as an app developer or a digital marketer, you can’t simply ignore the significance of mobile web search. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with a few SEO tips and tricks that shall help you in achieving desirable positions on the SERPs.

1- Link your Mobile App

Offering a link to your mobile app at every possible location, be it web pages, email campaigns, landing pages, images, or compelling videos, shall prove to be exceedingly beneficial for your brand and its entity. Remember that prompting the users to download and install your app via interstitials will lead to terrible user experience. It will undoubtedly interrupt the current content and action of the users while adding extra steps. Consequently, your users shall become annoyed and get diverted from your app before even viewing it. A better and way more convenient option is to place an HTML banner on the prime location of your page to promote your app while causing no interference to the user experience.

2- Optimize your App for Keywords

If you optimize your website for keywords, you need to do the same with your mobile app as well. Your prime keywords should not only focus on defining what your app is all about but also pay attention to its worth and value. With the help of your all-time best keywords, you can send value signals to the search engines and prompt app store triggers. You can go ahead with conducting keyword research and use tools like Keyword Planner to come across high-traffic and low-competition keywords for your business. After having the perfect keywords, make sure you include them to your heading, sub-heading, description, and other related fields. If your SEO Techniques and efforts are working, then you will achieve fruitful results; however, ensure not stuffing your title and description with keywords as it won’t make you rank any higher.

3- Accumulate Positive Reviews, Feedback, and Ratings

Without any doubt, star-ratings and reviews send trust signals to both the search engines and the users. Quite naturally, positive reviews and feedback also lead to more number of downloads and installations because of social proof. For improving your rating and encouraging positive feedback, you should improve on the negative responses and display user reviews with pop-ups in your mobile app. However, you should never attack the users with too many pop-ups as it becomes annoying and might also make the users drift away from your mobile app. Indeed, the best time for asking a review is when a user is super happy with your services and app. That’s how you will get positive reviews and ratings, which shall, in turn, send you up the rankings.

4- Earn Quality Backlinks for your Mobile App

One can never deny the fact that backlinks are an integral element of every other SEO Campaign. Quality links directed to your mobile app’s listing or download page shall improve its SEO to a great extent. It is a matter of fact that yes – earning links is not at all an easy affair; so, what you can do is, link your app’s listing to your website, add the app’s link on all social media platforms, and guest post on relevant and engaging blogs. Furthermore, it is imperative to keep in mind that when it comes to earning backlinks, quality beats quantity every single time as links from irrelevant or low-authority sources send negative signals to the search engines and hinder your app’s SEO.

5- Update your App from Time-to-Time

Another prime factor for your app’s SEO is freshness. According to various experts in the field of Digital Marketing, the top-performing mobile apps are the ever-evolving and consistently updated ones, when it comes to feature additions, technological advancements, and bug improvements. Therefore, you should update your app once every 20-30 days and announce the changes on your product page, website, and social media networks.

6- Optimize your Click-Through Rate

For generating more downloads and installations of your mobile app, you need to improve your Click-Through Rate (CTR). As a strong signal, CTR helps to inform the search engines and app stores that your app is relevant and is worth listing. You can start by improving the quality of images, Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons, and content present on your product page to optimize your CTR. Make sure you have high-quality images, clear CTAs, and content that highlights the best features of your app. Additionally, you should pay attention to breaking up the text into short paragraphs, along with including images and lists. After optimizing your product page, A/B test different elements to find out the ones that improve your CTR.

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