Quick and Effective Lead Generation Ideas for your Website

lead generations

Lead Generation refers to the process of attracting and engaging your ideal and potential customers for increasing their interest in buying your brands, products, and services. Leads can connect with your business through social media platforms, networking events, and PPC campaigns and ads. However, your business website is indeed the most effective place for lead generation. Without any doubt, the whole process that goes behind lead generation is difficult to conquer. Nowadays, relying solely on traditional methods like sending cold emails or cold calling, can prove to be incredibly demoralizing, because let’s admit it, most of those people don’t wish to talk to you.

So, how can you still fulfill your lead generation goals by using methods that will add value for your prospects? Following are a few modern lead generation methods and ideas that will prove to be beneficial and fruitful for your business.

1- Update your Blog Posts Regularly

Quite often, you may have heard many experts saying that the best way for increasing inbound marketing is to update your blog posts from time to time. By creating and coming up with a variety of content including informative blogs, news articles, educational how-to’s, to name a few, you can earn the trust of your potential customers and turn them into buyers.

2- Create Promo Videos

Nowadays, not everyone prefers to read the content or go through any instructions. Some people give more priority to audio and video content, as they are more engaging and entertaining. By creating promo videos, you can efficiently educate your users or customers on how they can use your products or services. Additionally, using new technologies like Wistia can further help in adding a call-to-action (CTA) in the middle of a video for capturing an email address.

3- Opt for a SlideShare Presentation

As well-defined presentations make for great shareable content, uploading and sharing your presentations on SlideShare (an American hosting community and service for professional content including videos, presentations, documents, and infographics) can provide greater exposure for your website.

4- Display Reviews and Testimonials

In today’s highly competitive business era, for adding more trust among your potential customers, it is imperative to include positive reviews and testimonials from your already existing customers and industry experts. Moreover, you can also mention the number of people who have subscribed to your website.

5- Offer Discounts

There is not even a single person in this entire world who doesn’t like discount offers or coupons. For generating leads from an entirely different subset of your target customers, offering discounts can offer you with some instant fruitful outcomes. However, make sure that you don’t offer many discounts as it will make the customers believe that they would never need to pay the full price. One should always try to ensure adding an element of real urgency with discount offers, like a limited period offer.

6- Email Marketing

When it comes to generating leads, one can never beat email marketing. According to many reports and surveys conducted, most of the people around the globe do accept and respond to emails from the companies with which they wish to connect and work. Therefore, for accelerating sales with strategic targeting, email marketing is indeed the best lead generation tool available in the current digital era.

7- Collaborate or Work with Influencers

The best way of obtaining additional leads and promoting your brands is by working with influencers and giving them licenses to collaborate with your business. Surely it will cost you a little money; however, the results will be worth the investment. If bloggers and influencers like your products, they will not only promote them on their social media accounts but also give you a positive review with backlinks.

8- Go for CTAs and Mobile Specific Campaigns

Nowadays, most of the web traffic generated comes from mobile devices or smartphones. However, as a result of screen size limitations, your attractive desktop design may appear drastically different on a smartphone. Therefore, you must ensure optimizing your CTAs (call-to-action), along with forms that load, if any, for the mobile environment. Moreover, you should make sure that the mobile forms are comparatively shorter in length than the desktop forms. Requiring too much customer effort or heavy typing on mobiles may prevent a potential conversion.

9- Use Safe Language

Most of the business owners and individuals don’t understand the power of using safe language in their web site’s content, due to which, it has become the most underrated lead generation idea. It is a matter of fact that yes; before you can convince the customers to buy your products; they need to become a lead. Using safe language can make people believe that their details will be safe and you care about their security. For instance, you can tell your subscribers that their contact information will be 100% secure and never be shared.

10- Stay Active on Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great way to hold conversations with people online. However, many marketers tend to keep on forgetting this fact. If you aren’t replying to the comments on Facebook or Twitter, you are doing your brand a disservice. It will also make your audience believe that you hardly care about them. Beyond just answering comments, you must actively seek out conversations on the social media platforms that have something to do with your business. Try to contribute something valuable, even if it’s an opinion, link to a resource, or suggestion.


Lead generation ideas take time and experimentation to implement or execute. For making your business reach the next level, you need the right tools, ideas, and strategies at your disposal. Without any second thoughts, it has become harder to generate leads now than it was a few years ago as business competition is on its verge. However, there’s a flip side to it as well. It is the right time to be a successful business owner in the current digitally transformed world driven by technological advancements where your innovation, creativity, and courage can bear fruit much faster.

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