Pros And Cons Of Saas


Today, the software industry is undergoing a critical state of transformation, very much like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Software as a Service (SAAS), is one of the most popular branches of cloud computing. It is a software distribution and delivery model where the client gets access to software, hosting and get maintenance by the service provider in remote locations. SAAS reduces the expenditure of installing and software infrastructure set up, by simply giving access on subscription.


  1. Low operating cost is the first priority of firms, moving from investing in customized software to cost-saving technology, SAAS helps them in getting technology benefits in lesser amount.
  1. A business just needs a robust internet connection and a browser to access a SaaS application. These applications can be easily availed on a wide range of devices across the world.
  1. SaaS services are very flexible as you can customize it according to your requirements while expanding the business operation or client baseline.
  1. SAAS reduces a lot of burden from the in-house IT department. Therefore, a business can shift its extra workforce to some other task.
  1. Using SAAS, you can keep back up and run the business from any location with a strong internet connection.



  1. Data security is one of the major concerns while entrusting a cloud service provider for identity and access management.
  1. Data mobility is another disadvantage of SaaS services, as it is really cumbersome to transfer data from one service provider’s data centre to another.
  2. Software hosted in a remote data centre causes more problems than the one running from the office’s desktop.
  1. A business having multiple SaaS application or connecting the hosted application with existing on-premise apps faces a lot of problems while integrating the software.

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