Online Reputation Management – Key To Digital Marketing Success

Online Reputation Management

In Digital Marketing, the concept of Online Reputation Management or ORM has a crucial role to play. ORM helps immensely in getting rid of the negative reviews and comments about a business firm, brand, or individual from the search engines. Business owners give topmost priority to the reputation of their brands and never wish that somebody adds negative reviews on any online platform concerning them. In simple words, ORM is all about controlling an individual’s or business’ reputation. It involves inserting new content online to push the previously unwanted content lower in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

An effective strategy for ORM can provide you with numerous benefits, including new opportunities and insight on increasing your brand awareness. According to various reports and surveys conducted, approximately 75% of the online users are more likely to scour through negative reviews and comments available through searches as opposed to reading positive blog posts, articles, or other sources of information. To quite a great extent, this can be attributed to all the social media platforms, which have indeed made it ever-easier to spread negative comments in just a few clicks. Nowadays, people usually talk about celebrities, brands, events, and almost everything else that they see around them. Therefore, as a marketer, you need to know everything that people are saying about your brand and analyze how is it affecting your business and its reputation in all aspects.


  1. Content Marketing: In ORM, Content Management and Marketing have the utmost importance. Therefore, publishing high-quality content, videos, images, and podcasts quite frequently is highly advisable.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO or the process of increasing the brand’s visibility on search engines helps in getting more natural traffic, which further improves the reputation of the business in the minds of the customers.
  3. Social Media Platforms: Creating accounts on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, to name a few, is one of the easiest ways of controlling your online reputation. Using such platforms for publishing content can also help you in reaching more people.
  4. Strategy: ORM strategy for every business is unique. Managing it requires to pen down the business objective, strategic plan, and timetable.


  1. According to experts, around 66% of the potential customers come from online referrals. Managing customer feedback actively will not only build your referral list but shall also help in winning the trust of your potential customers.
  2. Further, ORM will boost your SEO process by making a positive impact on search engine rankings.
  3. Before deciding on what to buy, people nowadays tend to review from social media platforms. ORM has immense power in getting positive feedback about your brand and increasing its visibility.
  4. As people are generally more attracted to the company, which has positive reviews for its brands, ORM helps to increase sales and the overall revenue generated.


Business owners and individuals must involve themselves enthusiastically in monitoring the appearance of their respective brands. They should also manage their business processes and update their profiles with fresh content quite frequently. Finding new and effective ways of interacting with the customers can prove to be beneficial in maintaining an inspiring and positive image. Upholding the digital reputation also requires understanding the service satisfaction levels of the customers. All these initiatives and strategies will help in improving the relationship of a business with its clients by further emphasizing to put in more efforts for the same in the future as well.


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