Improving Digital Marketing Strategy with Competitor Research Tips

Digital Marketing Strategy

One can never deny the fact that business growth partially depends on your ability to dominate the competitors in the marketplace for claiming the top position in your particular industry. For conquering the industry and becoming that go-to business, there are various things that you must set out, including understanding your customers well and offering them with the right and relevant content. Online competitor research is also one of the many tactics, which helps businesses in knowing about their competitors. So, let’s make ourselves familiar with a few tips, which shall help you gain an insight into what your arch competitors are doing for improving their business growth and online visibility, along with several options for you to do something even better.

1- Try to Identify your SEO Competitors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) competitors are people who organically rank for the target keywords and primary search phrases related to your business.  In the present highly competitive business environment, it has, therefore, become essential to compile a list of the crucial target keywords and search phrases corresponding to your business, brand, products, or services, and then find out who ranks for these terms. If a particular search result ranks for numerous search phrases or target keywords, then consider them as your prime competitors. Besides, you must make a point of the fact that buyer behavior has changed dramatically for quite a while now, and most of the people across the globe use organic and natural language while searching for products and services.

2- Opt for Using Competitor Research Tools

For gaining valuable insight into what your competitors are doing, you can also make use of competitor research tools. Such tools help in analyzing your competitor’s business website, comparing their success rate to yours, and providing data about social signals and paid searches.  If you are looking forward to researching your competitor’s search terms and keywords they rank for, and their organic ranking history, then SEMrush can be the ideal tool for you. It provides the user with an opportunity of performing several free searches before signing up.

SpyFu is another powerful tool providing the facility to see what your competitors are doing behind the scenes with their Digital Marketing Strategies. It provides a complete analysis of three things, namely, Backlinks, Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns, and Search Engine Rankings. Having an insight into these three vital aspects of Digital Marketing can give you a wealth of information to stay ahead of your competitors.

3- Keep a Check on their Backlinks

After coming across your top SEO competitors, you need to keep a check on their backlink portfolios, as well. If healthy, backlinks are quite valuable as they improve a website’s domain authority to a great extent. On the other hand, if they are of poor quality, search engines like Google can consider them as spam.  Online tools like Open Site Explorer can help you in checking your competitor’s backlinks, using which you can create a list of the ones having a strong presence related to your industry, their domains, and further do a bit of research to find out their respective guidelines for guest posts.

4- Don’t Forget to Analyze their Blog

When it comes to a digital marketing strategy, blog posts are a must-have. According to various reports and surveys conducted by the experts in this field, blogging is critical for every business in the current digital age. Therefore, it is imperative to find out whether your competitor’s blog posts are uninspiring or focus on the latest trends and topics for resolving customer needs. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep in mind that blog posts offer much more than just improving SEO. They hold immense potential in nurturing and converting more leads, engaging already existing customers, creating brand awareness, increasing online visibility, and differentiating you from similar businesses in the marketplace. So, it’s high time you put in efforts to determine what your competitors are doing in their blogging strategy and become the expert voice in your industry by overcoming the shortcomings.

5- Determine your Competitors on Social Media

For achieving your business growth goals with the help of a well-planned digital marketing strategy, knowing and understanding your competitors on social media platforms hold the utmost importance. You must begin to discover how your competitors appear on various social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. by using social mentioning tools like Hootsuite. It will enable you to see how your competitors engage with their target market and how often do they post content. Besides, it shall also help you in managing your social media presence. While analyzing your competitor’s social media presence, pay due attention to the type of articles, posts, and messages that people like and don’t like. You must not forget to note down the times of the day when your competitors are engaging the most with their clients, and when they are less active. So, plan out on your content and posting strategy accordingly to streamline your overall engagement strategy.

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