How to use Email Marketing to Increase your Business Revenue?

email marketing

In today’s world where the internet enables people to communicate, shop, sell or carry out many other tasks within a couple of minutes and with ease, most businesses have already walked to the online platform to increase their sales by driving more and more customers towards their products.

From PPC advertising to email marketing, there are numerous ways one can generate revenue for his eCommerce business. However, as emails are one of the most widely used sources of online communication, email marketing appears to be a remarkably profitable method for upsurging sales. People nowadays check out their emails at least once every day, thus turning them into a crucial medium to deliver marketing messages. As email campaigns involve notably much more variables other than that you might think, creating a precise email marketing strategy can be challenging. Besides, inappropriate email marketing campaigns may result in causing damages to your overall business and brand reputation.

Studies have shown that email marketing accounts for 23% of the overall sales, thus making itself the most effective digital marketing channel. 

Steps to do Email Marketing that Ensures Increased Sales

  1. Define Your Goals

When you start doing email marketing, the foremost step should be to define your business goals and understand what you desire to achieve. Some common email marketing goals encompass:

  • Increased sales
  • More new customers
  • Enhanced website traffic
  • Improved brand visibility and loyalty
  • Better relationships with existing customers

Outlining the objectives is crucial to keep yourself focused throughout the campaign.

  1. Create an Organic Email List

Knowing that email lists play a vital role in the success of email marketing strategies, and the growth of sales, a lot of online marketing companies, businesses, etc., often buy them. Undoubtedly, it is a shortcut to reach out to more number of customers easily and quickly, but sometimes, it may ruin the business reputation by scrapped or borrowed lists. Such emails could end up either in the spam folder or in the inboxes of uninterested people, thus resulting in no or least click-through rates. Therefore, it is essential to build an organic email list that helps you in sending emails to the target audiences who show interest in your products. You can do so by including a Subscribe button on your website and boosting subscriptions through attracting the users by giving them something in exchange for their email IDs. The gifts could be anything from free trials to podcasts and webinars.

  1. Custom Email

 Just like business cards, custom emails can be a great source to put a remarkable first impression on people and ensure that they remember you. Decide what sounds better for your business, an email ID such as; example(@) or example(@) You can go for custom email created with services like Office 365, FastMail, G Suite, etc. They provide you with not only a result-oriented custom email but also options to share and organize many internal business processes for increasing the company output.

  1. Craft Captivating Subject Line

You may have filled your email with goodies inside and worked hard on the design, but what if it never gets opened? The subject line is what makes people decide whether to open your email or not. It is the very first thing that most of the subscribers notice whenever they receive emails. As subject lines directly affect your email open rate, it is imperative to craft captivating ones that can stimulate your readers’ curiosity and grab their attention. To turn your subject lines eye-catchy, you can include the recipient’s name into them. Likewise, introducing your latest offers and discounts on the subject lines can be a good idea to motivate people not only to open the email but make a purchase as well.

  1. Get the Tone Personalized and Timing Right

Crafting engaging subject lines isn’t enough; inside content matters a lot. Hence, be sure to write quality and personalized content that resonates with your audience. Don’t forget to stay true to your brand’s value. In addition to this, it is valuable to add prominent call-to-action buttons that prompt readers to take action.

The timing of your emails is another aspect you should consider while creating an email marketing strategy. There is hardly any answer to the question, “What is the best time to send the emails to your target audiences?” The most appropriate way to find the best time to send your emails is to check your open rates at different times and discover when they are higher.

  1. Use Compelling Design

Beautiful email designs can no doubt go a long way to ensure conversions for you. Use a design that in addition to being attractive is optimized for all platforms. Here are some features you must keep in mind while designing your email templates:

  • Vertical layout
  • Ample white space
  • Short sentences and paragraphs
  • Prominent call-to-action button
  • The appropriate number of images
  • Buttons to share on social media sites
  • Complete and understandable contact details
  1. Don’t Forget to A/B Test Your Emails

 Before sending out your emails, you should prepare multiple templates and test different versions like font sizes, colors, or other elements of the emails’ subject lines, designs, and content. A/B testing enables you to figure out which version will perform the best. Testing your emails on different types of devices is also vital. Your work doesn’t end with sending the emails. Stay active and invest time to understand how the audience reacts to your emails. Track your open rate, click-through rate, and bounce rate as testing and analyzing your end-results can help you in improving your email marketing strategy.

  1. Consider Frequency

Although sending emails is an effective and inexpensive way to reach potential customers and augment sales, overdoing it can be harmful to your brand’s image. Make sure to move ahead with an optimum frequency of sending emails so that you can stay in touch with them regularly without annoying them.

  1. Automate your Email Marketing Campaigns

To avoid issues that may occur if you forget to send an email, especially when customers take any action on your website, you should automate your campaigns. Email automation will turn it easy for you to follow up with the customers.

  1. Provide Unsubscribe Option

 No matter what the reason is, people sometimes may want to unsubscribe your email. And if they are unable to do so, then they might mark you as SPAM. That’s why it is good to provide an option to unsubscribe at the end of your email.

Bottom Line

Email Marketing is just like a goldmine to all, including startups, already established small or big companies, digital marketing agencies, etc. Indeed, even the professionals who deal in proffering online marketing services prefer using email marketing campaigns to generate good revenue for their clients’ businesses. Hopefully, if you have understood how to create a precise email marketing strategy, go for it as better business revenue is just a few steps far!

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