How to Manage and Generate your Business Online During the Lockdown Period?


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a human tragedy in the first place and a business crisis in the second. Without any second thoughts, it has affected millions of people and businesses, irrespective of their size, across the globe. The entire entertainment industry has slowed down to a great extent, and retailers, on the other hand, are forced to shut their stores. Its effect on the worldwide economy is unprecedented and undeniable, as a result of which, brands and businesses are putting in sincere efforts to adjust to the impact. While nations around the world have shut their borders and imposed isolation solutions to combat the Coronavirus, business firms, organizations, and startups are taking advantage of the situation and accelerating their business activities on the internet. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with a few Digital Marketing tactics using which you can effectively manage and generate your business online during the lockdown period.

1. Manage your Online Presence

“Business as usual” is a phrase that most of the entrepreneurs won’t be hearing or saying for a while during the lockdown period. However, there are a few top-notch ways that you can use to keep your clients updated through your official business website, data structure, and local business profiles.

  • Official Business Website – What you can proactively do is engage your clients by creating FAQ pages that address their queries and concerns corresponding to changes in your offerings, modified business hours, and how your business is dealing with the ongoing pandemic. If you think there is a significant impact of the virus on your business and customers, then you can also create pages dedicated solely to COVID-19.
  • Structured Data – Based on the type of your business, you can make the most out of structured data to highlight your content and inform the search engines what your content intends to convey; for instance, if you run a retail business, then you can use the structured data type “item availability” to inform your customers about the availability of a specific product.
  • Local Business Profiles – In times of uncertainty or crisis, most of the individuals usually go through the directory listings or online search engines to make themselves familiar with service availability, updated store hours, and temporary closures. Hence, you must update your Google My Business profile with all the necessary changes, which your customers must know about at present.

2. Increase and Enhance your Website Security Measures

Protecting your website from hackers should always be your primary concern and on the top of your list at present. The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly created a lot of opportunities for cyberattacks as a lot of people are working from the comfort of their homes. Scam websites and phishing are currently on the rise to lure people into downloading malware. Nowadays, cybercriminals are posing themselves as a representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) so that the email recipients open the attachments that are typically system exploits. Therefore, you must keep your business secure from such unknown and unverified senders, and ask your clients to stay alert and practice the same caution.

3. Adjust your Customer Service and Store Operations Online

If you own an e-commerce business and sell physical products, that too, food or grocery items, then you need to prepare yourself for receiving a lot of orders. Various online stores like Amazon have limited product availability, including only the daily essentials nowadays, with most of them focusing on delivering only household necessities and medical supplies. As brick-and-mortar stores are not open these days, you can beef up your online store and further make sure that your customer service department is capable of handling the demands and potential issues. You can begin by checking your inventory to find out how you are going to differentiate essential products from the nonessential ones. Also, depending on the location of your customers, you need to remind them that you might not be able to deliver some products at the moment.

4. Listen to your Customers

Listening to your customers shall help you significantly in determining the products or services, which they want from your business. All that you require doing is have a research strategy in place to get the customer feedback, which shall, in turn, help you in discovering how your customers perceive your brand and its business. Due to the raging pandemic, a lot of stores are shutting down; however, online sales are soaring. Therefore, you should gather information about your customers with the help of online surveys and social listening to be able to serve them better, specifically during the ongoing lockdown period.

5. Prepare yourself to Work from Home

It is a matter of fact that yes – the Coronavirus outbreak is a game-changer for all the industries out there as it has forced the companies and organizations into having a remote working arrangement. Working from home has indeed become a trend now, and is proving to be the most effective way of preparing your business for this contingency. If you have already started working remotely, then you need to optimize the situation further as well by managing your home office, creating a data security plan, and making work hours flexible.

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