How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate?

Are you able to drive good traffic to your website? Congratulations, as getting traffic is one of the most crucial achievements that are necessary for the overall growth of your business. However, if the traffic reached your site don’t convert, then sorry to say, but all your Search Engine Optimization efforts will go in vain. No, don’t worry as you aren’t alone. In the present era of constantly changing algorithms and search patterns, most businesses often unable to get expected leads and sales even after having traffic on their websites. Hence, if your digital marketing campaigns, SEO efforts, and online advertising are grabbing the audience’s attention, then rather than being worried think about; how can you improve your conversion rates?

Ways to Improve your Conversion Rate

Converting traffic on a website into potential customers is a measurable goal for almost every business, and the way to achieve this goal is removing difficulties and making things easy for visitors. Here’re some crucial tips for increasing your conversion rate and sales.

1- Get Your Call-to-Action Buttons Right

Getting the call-to-action button right is a vital thing you need to consider to increase your conversion rate. As these are the buttons used on websites and landing pages to guide the users to take action by clicking them, they play an essential role in the buying journey of consumers. Hence, you should be careful while optimizing these buttons on your website. What makes most visitors go back without purchasing anything is the frustration of coming across multiple options (buttons) that prevent them from deciding which one is to click. If you have set all the buttons, including ‘Sign up for a free trial’, ‘Watch the video for free’, and ‘Learn more’ side by side, a visitor will get confused about which one to choose. Assuredly, people know what they want, but generally, they expect others to serve them with a possible solution rather than themselves solving a maze. Make sure to keep your call-to-action buttons attractive but understandable and less in numbers.

2- Ask Visitors for Smaller Commitments

Sometimes, the audience, even if interested in your product or service, may not ready to buy it on the spot. Therefore, asking for smaller commitments from your visitors can be useful, especially in cases of expensive items that need more time to make a decision. You should always try to serve the website visitors by either softer alternatives for purchase or asking for shorter commitments. For instance, try replacing ‘Buy Now’ with ‘Speak to an advisor’ or ‘Contact Us for free advise’. It will reassure the customer that their next step will not be a transaction, rather a conversation, which will help him or her in making the final decision. As per a survey, a company that used ‘Contact Seller’ instead of ‘Buy now’ has experienced a 73% increase in conversion rates.

3- Emphasize Showing More Images

Recall the situation when you were at a retail store. How many times have you examined the product you wanted to buy? It is not just you; most of us have the same habit. However, websites are different from retail stores and don’t allow customers to pick up the products. It is a weakness that often decreases the consumers’ interest, but you can prevent such happenings by attracting the viewers with images and screenshots. Before purchasing any product, people want to get vowed and emotionally attached to the same. Therefore, be sure to use catchy, easy-to-understand, and relevant images or screenshots that go a long way in convincing customers to make a purchase. Visitors do read the text, but text alone isn’t enough to establish their comfort level with your product.

4- Fix Navigation

Nobody likes to be lost. Similarly, visitors always want to know where they are right now on the website and where they could go. It shows that fixing navigation is one of the most vital tasks designers need to execute while designing a site. Thinking from the customers’ perspective will help you in fixing the navigation in the best possible manner that ensures profits. Don’t forget to design the website’s menus, footers, headers, and other elements with respect to navigation.

5- Don’t Miss the Social Proof

Most prospective customers prefer buying a product only after knowing whether that product is tested or proven. Adding testimonials, success stories, case studies, name or logo of the companies you have worked with, etc., right after an introduction to your product or service plays a remarkable role in convincing visitors. Providing such social proofs is a sure-shot way to multiply conversions.

Apart from these tips, there are many designs and tools that one can test to increase the website conversion rate. If you are keen to learn about these designs or tools, either search online or consult a web design service provider. Hopefully, if the above-given ways help you in getting better conversion rates, then we recommend you to keep updating your website periodically as it will prevent your conversion rates from getting decreased.

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