How to Boost Your Rankings with Compelling Meta Descriptions

Boost Your Rankings

Since the very beginning, Meta Descriptions have been an essential part of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and SEO strategy, and the same isn’t likely to change anytime soon as well. Meta Descriptions provide a concise and clearly expressed description of the content present on your webpage in conjunction with the remaining metadata in the website’s HTML code. Even if you don’t write the Meta Descriptions yourself, most of the content sharing systems nowadays automatically generate them for you. However, they won’t be as good as the ones you can create. Every single page of a website can include and share metadata, consisting of the title, URL, and description. The business owners and Digital Marketing companies neglect to focus on the importance of Meta Descriptions, due to which, they miss out on good website traffic capable of bringing in new customers and generating better leads.

So, let’s find out some ways of writing Meta Descriptions that are helpful, clear, and stand out to the users or searchers.

1- Opt for action-oriented language

Without any second thoughts, action-oriented language is most suitable and ideal for call-to-action (CTA) as it is capable of telling the users and clients what all they can do if they click. You can consider starting your Meta descriptions by using verbs like Grab, Discover, or Learn and further explaining the specific features or functionality of your business and its brand.

2- Give a solution or benefit

You can briefly tell the users what they can expect by clicking on your website’s link. The last thing you would want is any user clicking on the Back button before making a purchase. However, the same would happen if the users’ expectations and the results on your website don’t match, which would harm your website’s bounce rates. Therefore, it is imperative to write valuable content using short sentences for telling the users why they should read your posts and what all benefits would they grab if they click through.

3- Keep the description under 155 characters

A Meta Description should generally be under 155 characters. However, instead of measuring by characters, Google measures the Meta Description by pixels and shall cut-off a Meta Description after a certain width. Therefore, it is advisable to all the SEO Experts and marketers to abide by the 155 characters benchmark.

4- Don’t deceive the users

In case your Meta Description deceives the users or readers with the content that doesn’t match their expectation, be prepared for them to click on the Back button again. With an old-school understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), some people usually include too many keywords in their Meta Descriptions. However, it is essential to make a point of the fact that keyword-stuffed content throws up all the red flags, which results in losing upon the trust a reader or user has in your content.

5- Use a specific and relevant description

With generic or predictable Meta Descriptions, the users often lose their interest and shall pay no attention to your brand or business. Therefore, it is necessary to go for descriptive words in place of the insignificant fluff words. Put in your level best to connect with your target audience and let them know the benefits they can enjoy and the services they can avail by clicking through on your search result.


Failing to create a Meta Description for the pages you wish to rank for shall result in Google itself displaying a snippet of text from the first paragraph of the content available on your page, which won’t do you any good. It is a matter of fact that yes; the Meta Descriptions are your chance to win over prospects. They are just like the short sales pitch for your website. However, many businesses nowadays leave this out and consequently miss out on the opportunity of improving the clickthrough rates. Therefore, Digital Marketers and business owners must come up with engaging Meta Descriptions for their websites to persuade people to choose them over their other SERP competitors.

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