How Can Businesses Make the Most Out of LinkedIn?

As a business owner, are you still thinking about the point of using LinkedIn? If that is the case, then there’s no need to worry at all because you aren’t alone. Many people across the globe believe that LinkedIn is used only for finding a new job, which may have been the case when the platform launched in 2003, but it no longer holds. Nowadays, business owners and individuals make the most out of the platform for different business-related aspects, such as staying up-to-date with the ongoing industry trends, building meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals, uncovering new leads who could become long-term customers, and so on. Therefore, LinkedIn should undoubtedly be an integral part of your business’s Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing strategy, in particular. Let us now discuss the top five ways of making the most out of LinkedIn.

1. Using LinkedIn for Networking

Without any second thoughts, LinkedIn serves as a brilliant platform for networking. For extracting the maximum benefits from LinkedIn’s extraordinary networking capabilities, you need to concentrate on three things, which include:

  1. Connecting with people– You can connect with your business partners on LinkedIn, right along with people that you don’t know at all. Remember, there’s no limit to who you should connect with on the platform. If you follow someone’s blog, you can send a request to connect with them. If you want to generate new leads, you can accept new connection requests.
  2. Creating a terrific business profile or page– Simply connecting with others on LinkedIn isn’t sufficient. You should look forward to creating a crystal clear business profile or page on the platform that would make the readers understand who you are and what you do. To be specific, it means:
  • Writing a to-the-point introduction that distinguishes your business from others;
  • Filling out every applicable field;
  • Using a professional profile picture and your company’s logo on your business page; and
  • Attaching media, be it videos, infographics, blog posts, etc.
  1. Interacting with other people’s content – It is imperative to interact well with others and build long-term, valuable relationships with them. Besides sharing your content, you should comment thoughtfully on other people’s content too. For instance, you can spark discussions, ask questions, give suggestions, ask for suggestions, participate in LinkedIn groups relevant to your business and its niche, etc.

    2. Using LinkedIn to Publish Your Content

LinkedIn proves to be an exceptional resource for content writers and creators. It helps you post status updates and link back to the content on your business website. Furthermore, it serves as a native publishing platform and enables you to create exclusive content for your target audience on the platform. Are you aware that LinkedIn is the only social media platform that you can use to publish your articles or blogs? But, you must be wondering the need to publish articles on LinkedIn when you can directly post them to your blog or business website. Well, publishing an article or blog on LinkedIn is about driving significant social engagement on the platform and enhancing your brand awareness in place of driving traffic to your business website particularly. Publishing an article or blog on LinkedIn implies that all your connections are notified, which is a huge advantage. Also, as per various studies recorded, 45% of the readers on LinkedIn belong to the top business positions, including Directors, Managers, VPs, and so on.

3. Using LinkedIn to Generate New Leads & Drive Conversions

On LinkedIn, you can generate a significant number of leads and drive conversions regardless of your business type and size.

Let’s consider some compelling points that prove LinkedIn’s worth:

  • LinkedIn users possess a major buying power. So, if you have a product to sell, you will come across many people on the platform who can buy it.
  • Most of the users on LinkedIn are in decision-making positions, and therefore, have the power to collaborate with your company, license your software, or make a company-wide order of your offerings.
  • 61 million LinkedIn users are considered senior-level influencers; hence, the platform can help you form strategic partnerships.

4. Using LinkedIn to Manage Your Online Reputation

When it comes to Online Reputation Management, appearing in Google’s first-page search engine results when a user searches for your business holds a lot of importance. Without any doubt, you would want your website content to rank well at all times, but it is an equally good practice to claim all the social media profiles you can in the name of your business, even if you aren’t very active on them. The prime reason behind the same is that social media profiles, like LinkedIn profiles, usually appear on the first page of search engine results in the name of a business or individual. That said, creating a business page for your company on LinkedIn shall help you immensely in claiming a valuable position in the SERPs.

5. Using LinkedIn to Find New Talent 

With LinkedIn’s premium subscriptions, it becomes exceedingly convenient to come across new talent in the market. Its Recruiter Lite plan allows you to post job openings, send 30 direct messages to the new talent, use advanced search options, sort and manage your candidate pool, track candidates, and open job roles. It can undoubtedly be a terrific solution for you if you have just begun to scale your business and don’t have a hiring manager or HR department yet. Even if you have a hiring manager, this plan can be a beneficial tool to help screen or assess candidates. Additionally, it can save an enormous amount if you presently work with an employment agency to meet your hiring needs.