Here’s How Businesses Can Use Pinterest – Everything You Need To Know!

If your brand or business is not using Pinterest as of now, it’s time you step up your Social Media Marketing strategy and start making the most out of the platform. The reason behind doing so is that Pinterest has grown into a powerful platform that you can leverage to set yourself apart from your competitors in the market. It offers brands and businesses of all sizes a unique way to promote and market themselves. As per various reports and surveys conducted, there are around 300 million global monthly Pinterest users, all looking forward to coming across inspiring ideas on this visual platform and sharing them. Such info suggests that brands and businesses should undoubtedly tap into the platform’s enormous and engaged user base and put in a genuine effort to influence their purchasing decisions. So, here’s a quick guide to help you understand well some best practices and strategies that you can follow and use to leverage the platform effectively.

1.Craft a Marketing Strategy for Pinterest

Like other social media platforms, you should start using Pinterest by crafting a well-defined strategy for the platform. For doing so, you should pay due towards:

  • Having some specific goals in mind – be it driving traffic to your business website, increasing the sales of some product, or driving sign-ups for an upcoming event;
  • Understanding the general audience that is most likely to use the platform;
  • Learning about your specific target audience;
  • Seeing what your competitors are doing on the platform; and
  • Planning and incorporating evergreen content in different forms.

After setting out a clear strategy, you can use Pinterest productively for the ultimate success of your brand or business.

2.Optimize Your Business Profile on Pinterest

Although it’s just a matter of a few seconds to set up your business profile on Pinterest, it doesn’t imply that you should stop there. When your potential customers look at your business profile, they should be able to get a crystal clear idea of what your business is all about and what kind of content they can expect from you. Hence, you must optimize your business profile on the platform well to reflect your brand image accurately. For doing the same, you must:

  • Set up your unique company logo as your profile picture and optimize it as per the Pinterest set of guidelines;
  • Put an appealing cover photo that reflects your brand image and style;
  • Write a compelling description that defines your brand precisely;
  • Include your business or brand URL; and
  • Have some of your best boards in the ‘Featured Baords’ section to highlight your offerings.

3.Set Up an Influential Content Marketing Strategy

Dropping links and posting pictures won’t do wonders for your brand or business on Pinterest. It is integral to have a specific idea in your mind corresponding to the type of content and images you should create to win over your target audience. Although there are multiple options, the following types of images and content form the cornerstones of every Pinterest Content Marketing strategy for different businesses out there.

  1. Striking Imagery – Like Instagram, Pinterest is also a visual social media platform. Therefore, when images pop up, they should attract the attention of your potential customers and express the true essence of your brand or business. Using high-definition and color-coordinated images can prove to be beneficial.
  2. Educational Content – It forms the backbone of Pinterest. Furthermore, somewhere around 84% of the users say that Pinterest helps them significantly in learning new things. Hence, it is highly advisable to include educational and instructional visual content in your overall marketing strategy. For instance, you can focus on DIYs, tips, and how-tos in your visually appealing infographics.
  3. Inspiring Content – Many users turn to Pinterest to get inspired. They look forward to discovering content that gives them an idea of what to do before learning how to do it. What you can actively do is give your target audience a daily dose of visual inspiration relevant to your industry, like some motivational quotes or interior decor ideas.
  4. Informational Content – It is another type of educational content that can help you in engaging well with your target audience. So, what you can do is, come up with infographics focusing on facts and figures relevant to your industry, brand, and its offerings.

4.Plan Your Pinterest Boards Carefully 

Somewhere around 97% of the searches on Pinterest are unbranded. The same implies that your brand’s boards can help you reach out to new Pinners who stay interested in learning specific topics and things. For instance, Oreo’s boards cover Pins with inspiration for every upcoming holiday and season, such as its Spooky Sweet Halloween board, and recipe ideas such as Oreo Cupcakes and Oreo Cookie Balls board. The crux is, you can skillfully mix engaging, useful, and inspiring content boards with more promotional boards.

5.Post Your Content at the Right Time 

Like on other social media platforms out there, ‘timing is everything’ holds on Pinterest as well. The thing that sets this platform apart from others is that the visual content you have put so much effort into can have a much longer shelf life here. On Pinterest, occasion-related and seasonal content is enormous, with many ways to source ideas for everything, ranging from recipes to decor. According to the platform’s seasonal research, Pinners tend to engage with the upcoming seasons months in advance.

Posting your Pinterest content at an optimal time to get in front of your active target audience can give you a good start. After posting your content, you can begin evaluating the performance at different hours and on different days of the week.