Exploring the Best Email Marketing Strategies for Startups


In the present fast-paced society, the competition for grabbing attention and acquiring more qualified leads has become intense than ever. Therefore, all the startups and small-scale businesses out there need to adopt different Digital Marketing tactics, including Email Marketing, to beat the competition and move towards the ultimate path of success. If you are looking forward to having a direct impact on your target audience, then email marketing should undoubtedly be an integral part of your digital marketing toolbox. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with the most practical email marketing tips and strategies, which you can use today to maximize the ROI of your startup.

1. Grow your Email List

An email list consists of the email addresses that you collect over time through your official business website, blog posts, and other digital channels. This list includes the users who subscribe to your mailing list willingly for receiving newsletters, emails, and various other marketing-related messages. Hence, you need to build and grow your email list or email subscribers, which shall, in turn, enable you to develop a feeling of trust and credibility among your customers. What you can proactively do is make the most out of the best email marketing tools and software available like OptinMonster, ConvertKit, ThriveLeads, MailChimp, and so on, to create an attractive landing page and grow your email list organically.

2. Create Engaging Content

It is a matter of fact that yes – email marketing without engaging content won’t take you anywhere. The users shall subscribe to your email list only if you provide them with relevant content. Without any second thoughts, every subscriber out there is looking forward to seeking a solution for his or her problem; so, what you need to do is, be the solution to such concerns by providing useful content through emails. If you put in sincere efforts to give your subscribers what they want, you will eventually make their lives better, which shall, in turn, make them open your emails always. It is highly advisable to come up with click-worthy content from time-to-time. Additionally, you must also ensure that your email subject lines and introduction are compelling enough to trigger your recipients’ curiosity and entice them to click.

3. Use Videos and Emojis in your Emails

For achieving increased levels of engagement and traffic, videos and emojis are among the most effective email marketing elements. Hence, if possible, you can add relevant emojis and compelling videos in your email subject lines to make your emails way more visually appealing and interactive. As per various surveys conducted by email marketing experts, both emojis and videos in email marketing campaigns increase the open rates by somewhere around 85%. Also, only 7% of all the email marketing campaigns have emojis or videos in their email subject lines; so, you indeed have pretty higher chances of improving your email open rates, click-through rates, and overall sales. Video Marketing, at present, has become a popular form of Content Marketing Strategy for most of the marketers out there. Hence, you can come up with useful and engaging videos and attach the same to your emails for making them more relatable and exciting.

4. Optimize your Emails for Smartphones

In today’s digital era, people all across the globe are using their smartphones many a time. Without any doubt, they consider their smartphones as their companion. Hence, there is a dire need for you and your business to realize the utmost importance of Mobile Marketing to provide valuable user data. To begin with, you need to collect information about your users based on their age, location, interests, and so on, to reach your marketing persona with customized and targeted messages. As per various reports, a person, on average, spends 5.4 hours per day on his or her smartphone. For the same reason, mobile emails nearly account for 46% of all the opened emails, which is too good to ignore for all the startups.

5. Personalize your emails

Marketing personalization refers to the process of coming up with a service or product that meets the requirements of your target audience. In your email marketing approach, personalization is all about keeping your ideal buyer in mind at the time of crafting the email messages. Your emails should look forward to satisfying the requirements of a specific segment of your email list. By personalizing your email marketing campaigns, you can improve customer experience, enhance customer retention, boost brand loyalty, and increase sales and revenue. Hence, personalizing your email messages is undoubtedly a viable marketing strategy, which first enables you to segment your buyer persona and then subsequently target them way more efficiently.

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