Do SEO’s Best Practices Affect the Success of Website?

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Is SEO “best practice” important to master the SERPs or a shallow goal that results in missed opportunities?

Determining whether SEO’s best practices are helpful or barrier for a website depends upon on how these practices have been formed and followed.

One can also argue that there is no such best practice in the industry for search engine optimization. Although with so many methods taught and shared, there are few sets of practices that many digital marketers follow and trust.


There are many valuable and detailed guides available for SEO beginners. These guides help to signpost the way for beginners to optimize the search engine optimization. It imparts knowledge about how search engine works and, which strategies work in the favour and how your website can capitalize on those strategies.

Armed with the knowledge, a digital marketer feels confident to jump into the unexplored territory. Many have fallen into the trap of approaching these guides like a sat-nav, fully expected them to guide to get number one position.

Many times, a website with poor content and non-existent backlink profile are getting a better rank than a fully optimised website. Sadly, these search engines do not always perform in a consistent way as we expect them to. So, do not take these guidelines as a jumping-off point.


The word “influencers” conjures up the image of make-up mavens, filtered image and beautiful backdrops, convincing the public to buy the product so that they can make big bucks out of a sale. The experienced experts who are trying to flog their online courses and SEO community participate in the social media and forum to disseminate knowledge and information to help others.

All this can be for selfless reasons, but it can also be to boost their profile. There is nothing wrong on this, but among many experts, who is the credible one. So, who is the right one? What seems favorable for one company might not yield the same result for the other company.

In other words, a beginner should cross-check all the information before SEO optimisation.

Busting  “SEO’s Best Practice”  Myths

There are so many SEO practices that are blindly followed, a few of them are as below:

1- Character Limit of Meta Title

Always write the meta title within 60 characters or else the website’s ranking will suffer. That’s a myth that is raising its ugly head, particularly among the newcomers.  Yes, truncation does occur on both desktop and mobile SERPS, but this varies between search engines and devices. Google’s guidelines on title page suggest that a marketer should avoid long and tedious titles, which will get compressed when shown up in the search engine results.

However, there is no limit stated for the Meta title, as the character can differ in width and Google’s display titles max out currently at 600 pixels. It implies that Google does pick up the keywords in the title, despite them being trimmed.

So, there is no arbitrary length of Meta titles to get the top rank, and hence, only considered for click-through optimisation. It can be possible that while limiting the title to 60 characters, you might not achieve SERPs, and will miss out the opportunity to target the essential keywords.

2- Include a Robots.txt File

One of the common assertions is that Robots.txt. Files are necessary for a website. However, it is the wrong notion about SEO, as the presence of robots.txt. Files do not impact the ranking, indexation, or crawling of the site.

3- Disavow the Bad Backlinks

Another myth about website ranking is to disavow the bad backlinks. But following this advice can seriously hinder the business’s success.  You will take away the required resource from a task that could bestow fruitful results.

Many times, you can by mistake disavow backlink, whose origin is unknown or misinterpreted as harmful.

4- Copy Length

You will often hear that the content for SEO should be at least 800 words or longer. However, this is not right, as content should be as long as is necessary to pass the message. Writing quality content is a daunting task. Giving a minimum word limit will distract the copywriter from the core of the topic.


Yes, many times these so-called “best practices” of SEO do hamper the website’s ranking, as they are not all always in the best interest of the website. Best Practice is like training wheels, which helps in boosting confidence, and gives new ideas to feel assured when we are new to unknown terrain. But like any training wheel, they will be removed to accelerate the speed, before riding on a rocky patch.

Therefore, check and evaluate all the best practices before jumping into a conclusion, or else you will do more harm to your website than the good.

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