Digital Marketing Trends, Tactics, and Strategies that Deserve Attention in 2020

Digital Marketing

Social media has significantly changed the entire Digital Marketing scenario and its landscape today. Nowadays, the focus is more on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Search Technologies, Personalization Videos, and Micro-Content Stories. Therefore, it would be wise to admit the fact that all of us are moving towards a world where technology and its advancements shall be an integral part of our lives, along with family, social interaction, and work. Without any second thoughts, Digital Marketers in the present highly-competitive working environment are always aware of the value Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has in making a brand or business rank higher on the search engine results page. The present-day Digital Marketing Strategies are gradually shifting towards new and enhanced platforms for attracting customers and reaching out to their target audience. Furthermore, marketing trends prevalent today suggest that over the period, customers’ priorities have also changed as well. The customers and buyers expect a lot of things, including accurate and relevant information, 24/7 availability and accessibility, seamless interaction with a single point of contact, and custom-tailored services and recommendations. Therefore, the business owners and marketers need to put in sincere efforts to achieve the ultimate goal of ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and make the customers believe that they a part of their brand. Keeping everything in mind, let us now have a look at the upcoming digital marketing trends, tactics, and strategies for the next year.


Chatbots simulate conversations with customers and interact with them via instant messaging and use AI technology. The reason why many companies have now started to use Chatbots is that they offer personalized support and help in saving resources, money, and time. On the other hand, the reason behind customers looking forward to interacting with chatbots is because of their ability to answer questions, address concerns, and resolve the issues within a few seconds. Artificial Intelligence holds immense potential for taking the concept of customer service to a completely different level. Undoubtedly, AI is the heart and soul of this new chatbot wave. It is capable of efficiently analyzing the customers’ actions and search patterns, along with providing the most relevant piece of information to them. Besides, the chatbots also play a crucial role in developing a deeper understanding of how to serve the customers more effectively.

Compelling Videos

For quite a while now, videos have exploded as a marketing trend. For instance – some of the video creators have now become YouTube celebrities and worldwide sensations. Many people across the globe are of the view that YouTube is the only platform available for Video Marketing. However, this is not the case as there are several other core platforms too, including Facebook and Instagram, to post videos and promote your brand. Nowadays, live videos have also become quite popular as they are unedited, more entertaining, and genuine. With the help of live videos, brands and businesses can offer better insights into their work environments, day-to-day routines, etc. The interactive nature of videos will always keep your target audience engaged and provide a full-range viewing experience.

Personalized Touch

Any company, organization, or even a start-up may consider coming up with a new product or service based on customers’ feedback or suggestions. With the help of social media channels, brands can effectively interact with their potential customers or ideal audience and offer them customized experiences. Hence, the business owners and marketers need to bring a personalized touch across all their marketing networks. By working on personalized emails, content, and experiences, any business can increase its sales and gain customer loyalty, which shall further open all the doors of having a stronger bond with your customers. Personalized emails prove to be extremely beneficial in delivering the right message in the right tone. Additionally, it is essential to keep in mind that you must offer the same level of attention to all your customers, irrespective of the fact whether they are your new customers or the already existing ones.

Emerging Technologies and Changing Lifestyles

With changing consumer lifestyles, habits, likes, and dislikes, it becomes imperative for the Marketing Strategies to come up with new campaigns. In the present digital age of smartphones, business owners and marketers can’t depend on traditional marketing channels, strategies, and tactics. They must involve themselves in creating content that people can access, share, and store on their smartphones. Digital Marketing Strategies for the next year need to be mobile-friendly, along with just being user-friendly. Voice Search and Image Search are the two upcoming trends that are here to stay for long. Without any doubt, they have changed the concept of search engine marketing. People looking out for a particular product can upload the image and search for similar ones. Voice Search Technology and smart speakers like Alexa are the future of search engine marketing as they have made the search process more interactive, convenient, and highly organized.


Nowadays, reports, analytics, data, and dashboards are there in every aspect of marketing. However, it is necessary to know what that data tells and should you do with it. Insights, when properly prioritized, can drive action plans that will optimize the tactical performance and improve the marketing results. Various tools like MAXG offer suggestions corresponding to a company’s goals, data, and specific strategies and tactics, by telling them what to do and in which order to drive revenue growth.

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