Can Digital Marketing Help Real Estate In Generating Leads?

Digital marketing

An agent who wants to generate the leads for real estate business must reinvest the earned commission in the marketing. But, it is difficult to do without any concrete marketing plan.

It is grueling both for a real estate agent or for a beginner to cope with the frequent changes in digital marketing.  Below are the points to guide on how to generate leads in real estate through digital marketing. 


Optimize the content and webpage with the relevant keywords to increase the website traffic and online visibility. You can optimize the SEO of real estate in the following ways:

  • For capturing the local traffic target the local keyword phrases, as 69% of the home shoppers start their searches with the local keywords phrases.
  • Make your website mobile friendly as the majority of the visitors uses mobile devices over desktop for the online search.
  • Link the website with the social media platforms to get better search engine ranking.
  • Online real estate directories are a great source to get huge web traffic, so claim and use them to link to your website.
  • Most clients want to see pictures and videos of the property before buying, so insert  HD images and video on the website.
  • It is imperative to give a proper introduction with a bio on the website to build the trust and credibility among the clients.


Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a good option to give exposure to support the existing listing of the website. There are two types of PPC advertising:

  1. While opting for paid advertising, it is crucial to know the target advance. PPC is comparatively cheaper than print advertising but never depend on it exclusively.
  2. Before opting for social media advertising, know your clients are in which stage of buying or selling of the property.


Social media marketing is a free way to increase brand awareness through social selling.

Social selling means connecting and engaging with clients through social media platforms.

  • Since Instagram is one of the highest used apps by mobile users, use it for posting images to generate leads.
  • Build a strong presence on Facebook, king of social media having more than 2 billion subscribers.
  • Use attractive hashtags on Twitter while promoting the product.
  • LinkedIn is another social media platform to get exposure to investors, banks and to establish a professional reputation online.
  • Use social media metrics like the number of likes, comments, followers to know which strategies are working for your business and which are not.
  • For effective social media marketing use panoramic images, videos and 360-degree images.


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