7 Leading Tools for Online Reputation Management (ORM) in 2020


In the present digital era, once something goes online, it usually stays there forever. Hence, it has indeed become vital for you as a business owner to keep track of your online reputation and further put in sincere efforts to minimize negative statements about your business. Without any second thoughts, there is a dire need for every brand and business out there to highlight its positive items online and deemphasize every negative statement. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with a few leading Online Reputation Management (ORM) tools, which can help you and your business immensely in understanding its reputation, improving it, and minimizing the risks of harmful references.

1. Brand24

Brand24 allows you to create projects, where every project effectively tracks the social mentions of a specific entity. At subsequent higher levels, you can also opt for having various projects at a time for different offerings of your business or even particular campaigns of your brand. You can quite conveniently search for things either by typing a list of relevant keywords or specifying only a few of them to ensure not pulling in any mentions, which you weren’t looking for in your overall strategy. By pulling in mentions from social media platforms, Brand24 crawls through the entire web and looks for every single occurrence of your non-excluded keywords. It efficiently collects all publicly available mentions from videos, blogs, Google reviews, news sites, discussion forums, amongst many other sources, and then offers you multiple ways of filtering your data. Furthermore, the tool also enables you to compare the results of all your projects side by side.

2. YouScan

At the basic level, YouScan is a listening tool capable of scanning social media networks and the rest of the web as well for brand mentions. It then analyzes those brand mentions for their broader social media impact. The ultimate beauty of YouScan lies in its image recognition features, which enables users across the globe to get remarkably specific in their corresponding visual searches. With the tool’s Boolean searches and incredibly accurate AI-powered engines for visual insights, you can get way too specific in searching through all the images that come up in the results. Additionally, YouScan’s analytics tools include several interactive charts and graphs depicting all the trends happening corresponding to your topics of choice.

3. BrandMentions

BrandMentions doesn’t restrict its listening to limited networks or channels; instead, it represents all the widely known and crucial social media platforms along with the non-social websites such as the blog, news, and review websites. The tool requires you to go through an extensive configuration by first determining the keywords you are tracking in your Digital Marketing Strategy. Additionally, you can also monitor your competitors’ social handles and target keywords and set up your Project corresponding to the keywords that you want to appear or exclude in your results. BrandMentions is highly capable of displaying sentiment analysis for every mention, which allows you to filter the results accordingly. Remember that as you continue using BrandMentions, the pool of data shall continue growing as well.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo somewhat has a different take on things as compared to other ORM tools available out there. It efficiently enables you to comb the web corresponding to any content that includes your target keyword or relevant search term. Its prime distinction is including the level of engagement associated with every search result. You can perform searches using various filters such as country, date, B2B publishers, domain, word count, language, publisher size, and content-type. BuzzSumo offers engagement figures for Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest, and also provides a list of the total number of links on every search result. Particularly for ORM, you can create alerts on BuzzSumo for tracking brand mentions, competitor mentions, backlinks, keyword mentions, and content from a website.

5. Mention

Mention enables businesses to monitor social media platforms and find their brand mentions in online conversations. As a business owner or digital marketer, you can quite conveniently monitor even more than 1 billion sources every day, including social media, blogs, forums, and the rest of the web. With Mention’s social listening and media monitoring, you can make crisis management moments way smoother to deal with, for instance, you can set up pulse alerts as and when your brand name fires or react appropriately to both good and bad news. By tracking brand reputation, awareness, and sentiment of your business, Mention separates positive comments from the negative ones in no time and identifies all the related-issues.

6. The Brand Grader

If you are looking forward to checking out your business reputation, then The Brand Grader can give you useful and relevant information corresponding to how well your brand and its business are performing online. As a free and pretty straightforward tool, the platform requires you to enter the name of your brand and provide your email id. It would then offer you a quick overview of your brand’s online visibility and presence by sending a report corresponding to different aspects, such as your top sources, your biggest web influencers, social following, sentiment detection, to name a few.

7. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb efficaciously offers an all-inclusive and comprehensive analysis for a business website or app. It offers several insights about a website, which is the prime client face for most of the businesses out there. By providing you with all the relevant information about your competitors’ website, SimilarWeb enables you to compare your business website with them and see where you are lacking. It also makes you familiar with insights in your industry, which indeed indicate the level of respect your brand has within your niche.


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