5 Common and Perilous PPC Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

PPC Mistakes

Every other business objective in the present highly competitive working environment focuses on getting more customers and making more money. Without any second thoughts, one of the best and most effective ways of achieving this business objective is investing in Digital Marketing, specifically Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising. If you are not familiar with the term PPC, it is a tactic widely used to display ads in front of your potential customers while focusing on them and relevant keywords. All that you require to do is ‘Pay-per-Click’ for these ads, and then, in turn, enhance brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. Some of the top platforms for PPC advertising include Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Yahoo Ads. However, without having adequate information about PPC and the knowledge associating with using all these platforms, this kind of advertising can become complicated for many and leave a lot of room for errors and mistakes. With mistakes, there is a complete wastage in the marketing budget, which proves to be counterintuitive to the objective of getting more customers and making more money. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with the common PPC mistakes and discover the ways of avoiding them.

PPC MISTAKE 1 – Not Using a Landing Page

With PPC advertising, you will get a ton of new visitors and traffic to your business and its website. Moreover, if you are targeting your potential customers in the right manner, then you will be aware of what exactly they want. Hence, it is highly advisable not to make a blunder by sending them to your homepage, which is more of a generic page explaining your brand. Instead, what you can effectively do is set up specific landing pages corresponding to each service or product so that it is convenient for your visitors to come across relevant information in no time within a few clicks. Also, it is essential to have a proper Checklist for Creating an Ultimate Landing Page for turning every random user into a lead.

PPC MISTAKE 2 – Setting the PPC Campaign and Forgetting about it

Conducting keyword research, writing engaging content, building attractive landing pages, and tracking the results, are an integral part of a PPC campaign requiring a lot of effort, time, and money. Usually, people set up a PPC campaign and then pay no attention to it. However, dealing with PPC advertising is a multistage optimization process, which requires your attention even after you launch it. By using a multi-faceted approach, which includes daily monitoring of your campaign, trying new bidding strategies, expanding your keyword lists, and setting up fresh campaigns, you can continuously optimize your PPC campaign even after its launch. Furthermore, you should also track the right metrics from time-to-time such as the conversion rate (the number of conversions taking place divided by the total number of visitors), click-through rate (the number of clicks you get on your PPC ad), cost-per-click (CPC – the amount you pay for each click in your ad), and cost-per-acquisition (CPA – the aggregate cost to acquire one paying customer via a PPC campaign).

PPC MISTAKE 3 – Not Testing your PPC Campaign

One should never make the mistake of writing only a single version of the content for the PPC campaign and run it without even testing. There are pretty high chances that your first attempt won’t be the best; so, it is essential to come up with multiple versions of ads for your PPC campaign and test all these versions. For running your PPC campaign on Facebook’s Ad Platform, you need to test the images as well and not only the content. In the first version of the ad, you can discuss the value of your business and explain the benefits that the customers can extract. The second ad version can focus on the services you are providing and the problems you are solving. Your third version should be like a wild card – full of creativity, compelling headlines, and include something entirely different from the previous two versions.

PPC MISTAKE 4 – Targeting only the Broad Keywords

The ultimate beauty of a PPC campaign is its ability to hyper-target your potential customers. The best performing ads hold immense potential for targeting the exact users that are most likely to convert into a lead after they click through to your landing page. Therefore, there is a need to know and understand the difference between search terms and keywords. Keywords refer to the words or a group of words that you target in your advertising campaign. When most of the people across the globe perform a search, they usually don’t type in the keyword that you are bidding on. Instead, most of the time, they use all types of variations containing your target keyword. For instance – you might bid on Digital Marketing Agency for your business, and someone might type in ‘Digital Marketing Agency in India.’ What you should do is use the highly targeted keyword sets that are much cheaper in contrast to the broad terms that a lot of brands are bidding for in their advertising strategy.

PPC MISTAKE 5 – Jumping In Without having Adequate Understanding of PPC Advertising

It is a matter of fact that yes – PPC advertising is a little complicated concept and particularly tough to understand at once. There’s a reason why many people have it as their full-time job, and that too, a high-paying one. Hence, before you jump onto all the different platforms for PPC advertising, make sure you know about its best practices, tactics, tips, and mistakes to avoid. Spending some time and effort initially for making yourself aware of everything one needs to know about PPC advertising shall undoubtedly help you in saving tons of money in the end. Also, if you find it too much time-consuming or overwhelming to teach yourself, you can consider hiring a Digital Marketing Firm to help you on the same.

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