Why is it Essential to Use Multiple Social Media Platforms?

Social Media Platforms

In the present highly competitive business environment, social media is indeed is a brilliant way for companies to engage well with their already existing and potential customers; however, the question that then strikes our mind is, how can we maximize the potential of social media? Above everything, the answer lies in using multiple social media platforms to make sure that your brand reaches a much larger target audience. In today’s digital era, an overwhelming majority of the world’s population is online, and the same also holds for those belonging to the working age. Without any second thoughts, the widespread use of the internet has led to extensive social media engagement. The Social Media Marketing landscape has changed as an increasing number of social media platforms have emerged. Various such platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, are particularly prominent all across the globe. The question for all the business firms or companies corresponding to their online presence is that whether they should engage with these platforms? And, if the answer is yes, then which ones should they engage with as a part of their overall Marketing Strategy?

Understanding the Importance of Social Media

Having your official business website and embracing the digital channels is imperative. Consequently, there is a dire need to make sure that the official website is well-designed, and it carries a pool of relevant and useful information. Most importantly, it is essential to pay attention to the fact that the business website acts as a medium through which your target audience can contact you. However, none of all this shall offer any fruitful outcomes if nobody sees it. A social media platform, on the other hand, can help significantly in attracting traffic to your official website in the very first place. It offers an additional outlet to publish videos, images, news, views, and other pieces of engaging information. Such platforms also provide a brand new and highly accessible way of interacting well with both your already existing and potential customers.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey has two crucial stages, namely, the awareness stage and the consideration stage. In the first stage, the potential customer discovers for the very first time that your company and its services exist. In the second stage, there is repeated exposure to this knowledge of the potential customer, which helps in persuading him or her to take up what is on offer. Moreover, once a potential customer becomes your client, using multiple social media platforms can prove to be exceedingly beneficial for attracting further business. It provides another necessary means of staying in touch with your customers, promoting exclusive offers, and providing an additional contact point for new customers. It is a matter of fact that yes – one of the best marketing tools a business firm or company ever has is a satisfied customer, who, in turn, would recommend your services to his or her friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances. In doing all this, a social media presence allows such a customer to send a link to others through his or her social media account.

Why Opt for Multiple Social Media Platforms?

Some business firms and companies are rather neglectful about using social media platforms nowadays. They have a business page on Twitter or Facebook, but they hardly put in any sincere efforts to maximize its potential. However, it is imperative to make a point of the fact that a single such page receiving a lot of attention alone won’t get you so far. Using only one social media platform will result in restricting the type of other platforms that you can use along with the audience that you can reach out to in your overall Social Media Marketing Strategy. For instance, if you have only an Instagram account, then your content or posts would primarily be visual, with much less scope for text. If you don’t use a video-sharing platform like YouTube, then you will miss out on grabbing the attention of your target audience via compelling videos. Similarly, if you don’t use Twitter, then you won’t be able to send short, simple, and sweet messages attached with useful links to your potential customers.

Understanding How to Find the Best Social Media Platforms for your Business

Based on your target audience, you may come across various social media platforms that won’t offer much good to your business, and eventually, you would end up posting content on the other platforms. However, it is still true that using multiple social media platforms can indeed help you in reaching out to more of your target audience. As per various reports and surveys conducted by social media marketing experts, there are 30-40 million active users on Facebook, 37.1 million users on YouTube, 27 million users on LinkedIn, 24 million users on Instagram, and an estimated 13-14 million users on Twitter – all of which makes it quite evident that there are hands down millions of multiple account users. The same implies that the business firms devising buyer personas for marketing purposes can never conveniently describe the archetypal customer as there are people who use only a particular social media platform, which gives us a prime reason for placing content on more than one social media platform.

Customize your Content Accordingly

After establishing that it is indeed useful to post content on different social media platforms, you can start creating an efficient Content Marketing Strategy. You can initiate by understanding how you can reach out to your target audience in the most effective manner and then further create content accordingly in the form of blogs, videos, images, or news articles. Remember, it is imperative to figure out the social media platforms you require using so that you don’t waste effort and time in producing the wrong kind of content.

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