Which Is The Best Strategy For Your Business – SEO Or SMM?



Digital marketers and business analysts often want to know which one, i.e. SEO or SMM is more competent for their business and why. This blog will tremendously help in wisely deciding to know which one will enable you to target relevant customers and yield greater revenue together.

It is popularly said that generation ‘Z’ usually prefers social media networking while generation ‘Y’ prefers a more experienced generation likes the SEO.


SEO is a digital marketing technique used to meaningfully improve and invigorate the ranking on the social web. Before social media came into the glare, SEO was the main tactic to produce high audience engagement. With better ranking and relevant keywords, the website gets top ranking in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

A search engine concentrates on the website which is more SEO friendly. A digital marketer must abide to search engine rules to improve the effectiveness of the SEO strategy.



  • A persistent stream of organic and free traffic.
  • Expanding the navigable reach of a customer who is looking for a solution.
  • It generates leads that have a higher possibility of converting into sales.
  • Boosts credibility among the customers.


  • Takes too much time to yield results.
  • No guarantee for the first-page ranking and results.
  • The risk involved in being penalized due to Google updates.


SMM is an innovative technique popularly used for generating traffic through social media websites. It prominently includes running ads on websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote and viral marketing events by inviting prospective readers with splendid posts.

One of the main advantages of social media is high traffic, which yields opportunities for other side benefits as well. A business active on these sites will witness a rise in brand awareness, customer trust, and increased customer attention.



  • Economically feasible as compared to other marketing strategies.
  • It popularizes and exposes your brand to a large audience.
  • Brand loyalty and more engagement.
  • The high propensity of conversion.


  • Extremely time
  • More prone to hacking.
  • Needs constant supervision of the content.
  • Difficult to measure the ROI and estimate the exact traffic.

Let’s learn whether it is SEO or SMM which will better serve your business interest.

  1. TIMETime is the defining characteristic, especially if you are an entrepreneur. One of the main reasons for choosing SEO or SMM is time, rather than going for all Digital Marketing solutions. An SEO campaign hinges on various aspects like the website content, keyword density, website age, and many more. SEO is productive, but indeed a time-consuming process. The date for achieving the desired result cannot be determined, as it demands continuous monitoring because of the continuous fluctuation in keywords ranking, and other factors. Hence, it takes time for SEO, to manifest outcomes as the campaign also needs monitoring round-the-clock. SMM is a spanking result delivering process and can help in targeting the right segment of the audience at the right place and time to give rapid results than SEO.


Reach means a substantial number of people targeted via promotional advertisement. Social media enjoys the massive following in the billions, but it is not the end of the road here for SMM in terms of its outreach.

People tend to search at the search engines instead of looking on to social media sites. This means it is highly dependent on the needs and wants of the audience.


A person might need a service of a plumber or an electrician. In this case, a customer might enter his needs in a search engine, and the first business that appears is the one who ends up offering this service in their company. A business can get higher ranking only by SEO. Here, SEO obviously gets the upper hand.


Wants are all about what a customer desires to have, for example, a client wants a T-shirt with a quirky quotation or any customized cup. These are the wishes a person might want to have it, but there isn’t any dire need for this.

A business can promote all these types of products through SMM. To put it concisely, if a business wants to make use of its services, then SEO is the best, but if you want your customer to look for your services then SMM will best suit your purpose because of its greater tendency of getting noticed.


Digital marketing is all about focusing on the target audience. It will be undoubtedly a waste of your efforts if your digital marketing techniques are unable to convey the intended message to the target audience.

Social media helps to direct in a proper way. Through SEO techniques, a business can decide its target audience based on their respective interest because of the dearth of data available on this. The data available is not in real-time, which makes it arduous to make a data-oriented decision. Here, a sizeable percentage of business relies upon using the right keywords to lure the target audience towards their business website.


By ending this battle of SEO VS SMM, here’s what we think you should do!
It is difficult to figure out the most efficient services for your business. Each and every service has its own advantages in some way or the other. Both SEO and SMM amalgamation is important to make the business reach new heights and get recognition on the digital marketing front.

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