Ways to Rank your Website #1 on Google


In today’s highly competitive business environment, every other website owner or business company longs for ranking their website at the top on Google. The reasons are pretty clear and straightforward. Reaching that top spot or even one of the top 3 spots will result in increased traffic to your website, more visibility, and better potential sales to catapult your business ahead of your arch-rival. However, achieving high rankings rarely happen by chance. It is a matter of fact that yes; even the most proficient, knowledgeable, and skilled marketers often struggle with attaining the top-ranking spot. All and all, by what means can a website owner hope to achieve this target? While there’s no real way to ensure high rankings, this blog post would shed light on some strategies anyone can use for expanding their odds of claiming that #1 spot.

Google Ads – Pay to Play!

The easiest and quickest approach to jump at the top position on Google is to pay for an advertisement.  After signing up with Google, pick the most relevant keywords for your business, and then bid (like an auction) on the amount you would like to pay each time your advertisement is clicked on. It is known as “Pay-per-Click.” The higher you offer per click, the more will be your chances of achieving the #1 spot.

You can likewise set a daily budget so that when the budget for a particular day is met, Google won’t show your ad any further (for that day) and you won’t be charged.

Achieving #1 Rank on Google Organically

The other way to rank your website #1 on Google is by using the natural or organic method. These results can’t be achieved by paying money to Google. Instead, such results are achieved by carefully optimizing many long term factors that Google considers while ranking websites.

Some of the most significant factors that play a crucial role in ranking your website at the top on Google are as follows:

  1. Opt for Relevant Keywords: Anyone can attain the top spot on Google if they target the keywords that appear in the titles and text of their website’s pages. One should always look for the right keywords by first understanding what their potential customers are looking for on Google. People can also use tools like Soovle, Google Search Console, etc., to find more competitive keywords for earning more traffic and generating better leads.

Furthermore, you should optimize each piece of your website’s content with relevant keywords. While you would never want to overuse keywords, using them appropriately in a variety of ways within your content holds utmost importance. As a website owner, you must focus on using keywords in URL, title tags, headings (H1, H2, and so on), and image captions and Alt image tags (wherever appropriate).

  1. Add Tons of Quality and Useful Content: As per the Content Marketing Institute, 88% of B2B companies have now incorporated Content Marketing in their overall marketing strategy. It involves using a wide range of different types of content posts like blogs, articles, news articles, newsletters, videos, infographics, to name a few, for attracting and engaging potential customers. For achieving top rankings on Google, your website must be full of useful and unique content that will prove to be beneficial for your ideal clients. However, one should never add content just for the sake of having it on the website. Always ensure that the content posts offer value to your prospects and customers. Having a lot of content will make visitors stay for even longer on your website. Moreover, the more content you have, the more links you accumulate.
  2. Mobile-friendly Website: Nowadays, the vast majority of people around the globe now use mobile phones or smartphones to search for information on the web. Is the website corresponding to your business mobile-friendly? If not, ensure to make your website mobile-friendly today so that it becomes convenient for the users to navigate through your website and quickly find what they need.
  3. Acquire Quality Links to your Website: In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), links shall always continue to play a critical role. According to several reports and surveys conducted, having inbound links is imperative for achieving high rankings. Without any doubt, if other big sites having similar content are linking to your website, then Google will rank your website higher.

Few strategies to acquire useful links to your website are as follows:

  • Consider adding your website to several local business directories and review sites such as TripAdvisor, Google My Business, Yelp, amongst many others.
  • Try to create relevant, unique, and evergreen content for your website (including tutorials, guides, and how-to-posts) to which other journalists and bloggers would love to link.
  • Guest Posting on widely known and famous websites in your niche can prove to be equally beneficial. Even if you don’t get a followed link in your post, the advantage of increased visibility is not something to ignore.
  1. Page Speed: You should make sincere efforts to make sure that your website’s pages load quickly on all types of devices. Slow loading of web pages can negatively affect your website’s ranking on Google. In the present fast-paced society, nobody likes to wait for a website to load. You can also use tools like Gtmetrix to test the speed of your website’s pages.


There is indeed no surefire approach to rank your website #1 on Google. However, by targeting relevant keywords and audience, you can significantly increase your chances and beat the odds. Pursue that up by coming up with and promoting tons of well-optimized content and achieve top rankings much sooner than you would expect. Additionally, you must remember that Google continuously updates its ranking algorithms; therefore, SEO must be an ongoing process.

Always keep in mind that your competitors are most likely to follow the same Digital Marketing Services as you do. It is highly advisable to acquire links and improve the content on your website from time-to-time. A lot of patience and diligence will prove to be worth it when your website would achieve the coveted spot of #1 rank on Google.

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