Top WordPress Trends in 2019


WordPress, today is one of the most voguish CMS platforms for creating websites. Presently, 27% of the total websites have been developed by using WordPress.

It is now the first preference of every web developer for building a new website for any online business. Because of its massive popularity, it is crucial to improve the website as per the latest trends. So, follow below WordPress trends for revamping the website look.


WordPress development has significantly changed in the past few years. Founder and creator of WordPress and a company named Automattic, Matt Mullenweg had worked assiduously for creating CMS software for the last 16 years. They have worked for upgrading the WordPress 4.0 in the past, and now WordPress 5 is ready, while WordPress 5.1 was launched in Feb 2019.  Hence, it is expected that WordPress 5.0 is going to popular this year and beyond


The updated version of WordPress 5.0 has a highly revamped version for blog posting and page management. Various surveys have indicated a massive surge in the video content consumption as compared to the past few years. The easy availability of the 4G network at cheaper rates has been extremely instrumental in boosting video content popularity. Therefore, every website should infuse video content to leverage video marketing strategies in the year 2019.


Flat designs were popular earlier and are going to stay in the spotlight this year too. The main focus of minimalist designs is to create simple and less intricate designs while using flat colors and white space. The motto is always to showcase the content in a hassle-free way, without compromising the loading speed or visual appearance. For example, the Arnold theme in WordPress makes extensive use of white spaces to enhance both text and image.

In the last few years, WordPress designs have undergone many changes from including gradients, images, and shadows.

Less-is-more approach has always been dominant in the website designing and has now become significant for website development.


For the first time in 2016, the number of internet users on a mobile device has surpassed the number of desktop browsers. That year was a watershed moment in web usage and clearly asserted that developing a mobile responsive website is now compulsory. In other words, you should optimize the WordPress sites for mobile users too. For this use plugins like WPtouch for creating customized mobile themes. Even Google has recommended this plugin, so make sure that you use this plugin to meet the criteria of search engine ranking.

Use plugins like Jetpack to quickly develop a mobile theme for the WordPress site. You can use the Elementor plugin to emulate the website across all the devices, regardless of which device a browser uses for searching.


Microinteractions refer to the way elements on the website effectively engage the users in small interactions. The trend of Microinteractions is continuously going up and most probably going to rule this year too. The main idea behind this was to give Users more human and lively experience. However, its use is not limited to animations and images, but it is equally useful for making content more exciting.

For example, you can use the Highlight and Share plugin for highlighting the text on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.


An off-kilter website does not sound a good idea, but it is now one of the rapidly growing trends of WordPress development. Diagonals breaks and slanted lines not only render a modern look but also brings the user’s eyes down the web page. It also helps in separating each section in a visually appealing way. There are many WordPress themes available to give a slanted look to the website. For instance, you can use the Flamingo theme to develop a website with diagonal separators.

An upward theme is also a good option for building a website in a grid-based traditional design along with slanted lines to give an eye-catching and stylish look. There are variously available for customizing the design.


There is hardly any doubt that 2019 is more competitive and fierce for WordPress developers than ever before. So, pull up your socks and give your best foot forward. As it is rightly said, that website designers never sleep as they as constantly grinding hard to make WordPress look better and function even better.

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