Top Five Ways of Increasing Your Social Media Engagement Levels

When we talk about earning and enhancing brand recognition and visibility, social media can be one of the most powerful tools. However, you must understand that having social media handles across different platforms won’t make people come to your business. Hence, it is imperative to craft appropriate Social Media Marketing strategies to attract people to your social media profiles. Once you do so, the amount of hard work you have put into content development would show your potential customers how much they could benefit from working with your company, purchasing your products, or availing of your services. Therefore, we can say that it makes complete sense to invest in strategies driven towards increasing the engagement levels on your social media platforms.

There are pretty high chances that you could be doing a lot more on a regular basis to engage well with your target audience, thereby giving them a glimpse into your brand and the people behind it. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with a few tactics you can use to expand your reach and grow your target audience.

1.Post Consistently on Your Social Media Handles

Social media feeds change frequently, leading to the content at the top updating often. If your objective is to make people go through your content and interact with it, you must look forward to sharing compelling content consistently so that your business appears on their feeds. A consistent posting schedule might be different for different brands, businesses, and sets of target audiences. The influencing factors, in this scenario, could be the size of your company, audience age & demographics, your market, your current number of followers, etc.

For instance, larger business companies may opt for posting two to three times a day because they usually have more content and an enormous follower base. On the other hand, smaller business companies may post once per day on their social media platforms to keep their audience engaged. Don’t forget that the type of content you post doesn’t specifically matter as long as it is authentic to your brand and adds value to your already existing and potential customers.

2.Be a Part of Discussion on Social Media

Social media platforms are all about communicating with the users and building relevant, strong connections. For engaging with your target audience, there exist plenty of ways to initiate and join a discussion on such platforms. Some of the best possible options include:

  • Answering questions in your industry on popular forums and Q&A websites;
  • Organizing a Q&A session based on your company or its offerings by going live on Instagram;
  • Joining or creating Facebook groups in your industry and sharing high-quality content on them;
  • Replying to comments and DMs on different social media platforms;
  • Making use of relevant hashtags in your social media posts for them to appear in user feeds; and
  • Asking questions in the comment section of your posts to strike meaningful conversations.

3.Conduct Contests, Surveys, and Polls

Contests, surveys, and polls count as incredible ways of making people interact with you and your business on social media platforms. Many widely recognized social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, enable you to create contests, surveys, polls, and other interactive elements that you can share across your social media handles or put within the story feature. You may consider using the topics that would make your potential customers feel like they have partial ownership of your brand or business – for instance, voting on a new product packaging design or a new flavor.

To encourage a feeling of good-natured competition among your followers, you can organize contests on social media accounts. Offering exclusive prizes or other incentives may be an even more appealing way of making people participate. Furthermore, people may even invite their friends and family members to join such contests and try to win, which, in turn, shall help expand your audience.

4.Use Social Media Tools

If you want to do something on social media, there are pretty high chances of the existence of a tool that can help. Whether you are looking forward to creating graphic designs, scheduling posts, or engaging in social media listening, you can conveniently find a tool that meets such a requirement. With the help of social media tools, you can automate your social media posts, schedule them well in advance, and maintain the consistency that your already existing and potential customers are expecting from your business. Additionally, many social media tools notify you about the questions and comments on your accounts and help answer them quickly and easily.

5.Share or Curate Content

To increase the online engagement levels of your brand or business, you don’t have to do all the work by yourself, as sharing or curating content can be equally effective. Curating content requires you to repost, retweet, or simply share relevant content belonging to other creators to your social media handles and feeds. However, if you consider doing this, you must ensure to give proper credits to the original source or creator. The same is yet another brilliant way of creating partnerships, finding influencers, and promoting interaction within your industry. The content that you can consider sharing on your social media handles may include write-ups or news articles about your firm or company from reputable sources, blog posts from well-known leaders in your industry, social media posts of influencers promoting your brand, user-generated videos, pictures, or other forms of content mentioning your brand or business, etc.