Top 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Read Your Blogs (And How To Fix Them)

You must have populated the blog section on your website with a series of high-quality and incredible posts; however, even after several months, you might not have many people reading them. You are undoubtedly doing the right and necessary thing, i.e., posting articles and updating your blog section, so where did you go wrong, or why aren’t you experiencing some success? If all this sounds familiar to you, there’s nothing to feel bad about as you aren’t alone in this, and many bloggers face the same issue. The good thing in this scenario is that this issue could be fixed – let’s see how!

1.You Aren’t Using Striking Blog Titles

If you are unable to attract readers to your blog posts, start paying attention to your blog titles. Are they capable of attracting readers? Do they motivate the visitor to click? Without any doubt, content in different forms can attract traffic to your website, but a blog post with a striking and catchy title can do wonders. According to multiple reports and studies, around eight out of ten people will read the blog title, and on the other hand, only two out of ten will go through the entire blog content.

A blog title is the very first thing a reader sees, and if it isn’t interesting or catchy, he is very likely to skip your blog altogether irrespective of how beautifully it is written. It even prompts a reader to click on the blog post so that he can understand the content type and whether it is useful to him in any way.

It is imperative to note that you should always avoid using generic or bland blog titles like ‘Amazing Content Marketing Tactics;’ instead, you should use a title like ‘Top 10 Content Marketing Tactics We Bet You Must Not Be Knowing.’

By keeping all these points in mind and implementing them well, you can conveniently make your blog post stand out in the sea of similar blogs.

2.You Aren’t Focusing Well on Your Target Audience

If you aren’t aware of the people you are writing content for, then take it as one of the major reasons your blog posts fail to attract the desired audience. Hence, before coming up with a blog post, you need to focus well on your target audience to address their concerns and provide them with an appropriate solution. For this, you can develop a user persona to make yourself familiar with the problems of your target audience, understand their requirements, and accordingly come up with suitable solutions. However, this is not the only aspect that deserves your due attention. We’ll understand it with an example – let us suppose you are writing content for 8th standard mathematics students. In that case, you need to ensure using simple and crystal clear language to make them learn the concepts better as they are only school students and not graduates.

3.Your Blog Posts Lack Facts & Figures

The experts in the industry believe that adding statistics, figures, and facts in your blog posts make them way more unique, informative, and credible. Furthermore, such pieces of info will make your readers understand that you know them well, along with the points that you choose to explain in your blogs. In this case, you should provide the reference or source of the figures and facts included in your blog posts, be it Wikipedia, .gov, .org, etc.

4.You Aren’t Using Attractive Visuals in Your Blogs

According to various surveys conducted, a reader is more likely to read a blog that contains visually attractive images and videos. Also, 90% of the info transmitted to the human brain is visual. However, it doesn’t imply that you fill your blogs with videos and images that aren’t impressive. Making the most out of gifs, memes, and infographics can impress your readers to a great extent, which shall decrease your bound rate and improve your search engine rankings. Other than making your blog posts engaging and compelling, using attractive visuals helps explain the complicated aspects that aren’t otherwise possible using words.

5.You Aren’t Doing Much to Promote Your Blog Posts

You can’t expand your readership base if you don’t put in the effort to make people know that your blog section exists. Therefore, you must promote your blog posts like a marketer promotes his products or services. Without any doubt, the best platform for promoting your blog posts is social media. It’s where people will share your blog posts with their friends, family, community, and acquaintances, which shall, in turn, fetch you more readers. Additionally, you can send an email to your subscribers and readers whenever you post a new blog. It is also suggested to have a link to your blog section in the main navigation of your website.

6.Your Blog Posts Have Poor Readability

Your blogs have all the required aspects, including attractive visuals, catchy titles, and useful pieces of info, but you are still not getting enough readers. The reason behind the same lies in the poor readability of your blog posts. Congested placement of paragraphs and a cluster of texts make a blog post a lot messier, which turns off a reader immediately. Hence, you should always ensure enhancing the readability of your blog posts by using headings, sub-headings, readable fonts, and simple vocabulary.

7.You Aren’t Optimizing Your Blogs for Social Media Sharing

Optimizing your blogs for social media sharing by adding the sharing buttons holds importance. It shall make it convenient for your readers to share your blog posts on their social media accounts. In this way, you shall be able to expose your unique content in the form of blog posts to new individuals using your already existing readers.