Top 5 Social Media Trends For This Year And Beyond

Social media has undoubtedly managed to become an essential part of our lives in such a short span. What began as a medium to stay connected with our family members and friends has now become a platform for brands and businesses to stay in touch with their already existing and potential customers through well-planned Social Media Marketing Strategies.

With the rapid and immense growth of social media platforms, countless social media trends have emerged and evolved over the years. What helps brands and businesses keep abreast of the fierce competition in the present working environment is adapting well to the new and upcoming social media trends. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with the top five social media trends for this year and beyond, which every digital marketer and business owner should follow for enhanced online brand visibility and better engagement.

  1. Live Videos

Many social media experts have been asking digital marketers and business owners to focus well on Video Marketing for quite a while now. Without any second thought, in 2022, live videos on social media platforms are going to gain immense popularity. A lot many brands and businesses across the globe are now opting for live videos frequently to connect well with their customers via chit-chats. What comes as a big surprise in this aspect is that the popularity of live videos has now surpassed the demand for video content as well. At present, the feature of live videos is there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr, as most of the users prefer watching live videos, thereby engaging with brands and businesses through them. Multiple brands and businesses have now been bringing renowned personalities and celebrities on their live videos to give their audiences the chance to bond well with their favorite celebrities or role models. Kindly note that impromptu live videos prove to be terrific in gaining the attention of the target audience and making some crucial announcements, specifically when due to changes in the social media algorithms, the opportunity for a brand or business has been limited to appear in the users’ feeds.

  1. Social Media Chatbots

When we talk about communicating with the customer service department of a brand or business, no individual wants to waste his time and energy on generic computerized conversations. The same is what exactly comes to users’ minds when they hear about social media chatbots. Fortunately, social media chatbots are not here to waste the users’ energy and time but to provide quicker solutions in 2022 and beyond. AI-powered chatbots are designed in a way to understand the queries or concerns of the users accurately and give them the best possible solutions in no time. If brands and businesses integrate AI-powered chatbots into their social media accounts, there will be less dependence on humans, and the customers will get adequate answers to their queries within seconds. Since this feature is equally beneficial to businesses and customers, it has been gaining much importance lately and contributing significantly to improving business-customer relationships.

  1. Ephemeral Content

If ‘ephemeral content’ is new to you, you might have a better understanding of the concept in the context of social media. It is all about the latest trend of short-duration content disappearing within one day (24 hours) of posting, i.e., stories on Facebook and Instagram. In a true sense, stories are engaging, fun, and keep people on their toes. Nowadays, brands and businesses are experimenting with this feature to a great extent to give their customers a sneak peek into their world. On the one hand, there is content like videos, images, text, and so on, which informs every one of new product launches, offers, and other vital announcements. On the other hand, there are brand and business stories, which are more personal and informal. Hence, customers can undoubtedly expect a lot more engagement with brands and businesses pretty soon with them rolling out polls, behind the scene moments, quizzes, workplace tours, random banters, and a whole range of engaging content.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is already doing wonders for many brands and businesses and shall continue doing the same in the coming years as well. However, there shall certainly be some changes in the way influencers and brands collaborate. Brands and businesses shall be seen collaborating with influencers over a series of social media promotion posts in place of a single social media promotion post. Also, they will be putting equal and genuine effort into promoting and marketing the content created by such influencers.

Well-known and bigger brands are likely to collaborate with niche bloggers and micro-influencers to introduce the aspects of transparency and inclusivity to their digital marketing efforts. It also implies that brands and businesses shall choose their influencers wisely. On the other hand, influencers won’t any longer get away with posting their pictures with the products or services to endorse them. They need to pay due attention to content creation for brands and businesses by focusing a lot more on how-to videos, long-form content, stories, etc.

Many social media platforms are now offering the feature of exclusive monetization to influencers to help them secure their future as they work pretty hard to promote brands. Furthermore, platforms like YouTube and Facebook have come up with a paid subscription model for followers and fans to have access to exclusive social media content.

  1. AR and VR Technology

AR, which stands for Augmented Reality, and VR, which stands for Virtual Reality, are the ongoing social media trends as brands and businesses are looking forward to offering an exciting user experience. Several e-commerce platforms are now utilizing AR-powered shopping, which enables the users to try-on products before making a buying decision.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram enable users to try on a plethora of filters for clicking images or creating videos and sharing them with other people.

Expert technology players in the industry are making VR gear available to the users at an affordable price, which enables them to make the most out of an immersive gaming experience. Facebook provides an exceptional feature called ‘Facebook Spaces,’ using which three people can interact with the help of a VR device.

It is essential to note that there are still a lot many improvements required in the AR and VR arena, and people are already up for the same. Hopefully, in the coming future, VR and AR technologies shall become completely conventional and improve the user experience by many times.