The Most Effective Collaboration Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing

In the present fast-paced society, Digital Marketing Agencies need to keep pace with the ever-changing environment of the Digital Marketing industry at all times. In this scenario, the collaboration tools help the marketing teams in communicating efficiently with their target audience, along with managing the ongoing marketing campaigns and projects. Generally, digital marketers make sure that they are using the latest technologies for both scaling and streamlining their work because of tight project budgets, higher expectations of the clients, and strict deadlines. At present, collaborating online is crucial for all the businesses out there to increase their overall productivity. What the colleagues can proactively do is work on a project simultaneously, which, in turn, shall lead to better time management and improved levels of communication. However, it is imperative to select the best collaboration tools for achieving fruitful results. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with the handiest collaboration tools in different categories, including communication, project management, and design.

1. Communication Tools for Collaboration

  • Slack – Slack is one of the fastest-growing messaging apps nowadays, which you can use efficiently for both inter-office and remote communication. It is undoubtedly the most flexible collaboration tool available for different types of businesses and has robust integrations, ecosystem, and many bots. You can use Slack for creating channels to follow up team conversations around multiple projects and also archive them as and when required. Slack’s search feature makes it exceedingly convenient to find specific conversations so that you don’t miss any critical project talk. By using hashtags, you can also highlight the relevant keywords during a conversation. The tool has integration with other crucial services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. It also offers support for video and voice calls among the team members.
  • Zoom – When it comes to collaborating with your team members, video calls prove to be a lot more beneficial. With its ever-increasing popularity, Zoom is indeed one of the best video-conferencing tools available at present and is also very easy-to-use. It efficaciously brings HD audio and video to the business meetings, supports up to 1000 video participants, and displays 49 videos on the screen at a single time. Therefore, you can make the most out of this video conferencing tool to solve the collaboration issues in your agency or while arranging a meeting with your clients.

2. Project Management Tools for Collaboration

  • Trello – It is a widely known project management tool, which helps companies and organizations in handling their teams, projects, and tasks. By using Trello, you can effectively stay updated with the group and individual project task cards at the project board. All these cards can easily be moved around, edited, or deleted to assign some specific tasks and to-do-lists. Moreover, you can also drop and drag cards like in the game of solitaire.
  • Asana – Launched in 2008, Asana is the oldest and quite popular collaboration platform. Various well-known brands across the globe like Intel, Uber, and Pinterest use Asana. The platform efficaciously enables business owners and marketers to track the work of their employees, send messages to colleagues and employees, create to-do-lists for the ongoing projects, set reminders for the upcoming deadlines, to name a few. It further allows you to arrange all projects either as a board or to-do-list format. Additionally, with the help of Asana’s search function, it becomes a lot easier for the users to go through the past works.

3. Design Tools for Collaboration

  • Sketch – It is a UI-focused and niche design collaboration app for Mac users only. With the help of Sketch, you and your design team can create graphic, web, and mobile design prototypes conveniently. The tool efficiently creates a direct link between the web design and web development phases for front-end frameworks. Furthermore, you can also create custom groups and symbols, which you can use in any pages. You can create multiple text styles for header, body, buttons, and so on. Other unique features of Sketch include easy-to-use measuring tools and fast exporting.
  • Instapage – The perfect collaborative tool for having an exceptional landing page design is undoubtedly Instapage. It provides integrated collaboration ability for business teams and marketing agencies. The platform’s fully integrated landing page builder gives genuine feedback to the users and enables them to respond to comments and resolve issues within the platform itself in real-time.

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