The Best Website Optimization Tools for Improving Performance in 2020

Website Optimization

For improving the overall performance of your official business website and achieving the top rankings, website optimization is essential. The utmost importance of website optimization lies in ensuring that you generate more sales and leads for your brand or business by making your official website appealing to the target audience. You must be thinking about different ways of optimizing your business website frequently. In this scenario, website optimization tools available online can prove to be exceedingly beneficial for you as they automate the entire process behind making your business website noticeable to the search engines.

So, let us now make ourselves familiar with a few online website optimization tools, which you can use in your overall Digital Marketing Strategy and create a success story for your website.

1- Hotjar

Hotjar is a robust website optimization tool that efficiently collaborates with businesses of all sizes. One of its most effective toolsets, known as Behavior Analytics software – has a novel and unique approach corresponding to web analytics. This software makes it extremely convenient for you to know and understand what the users are doing on your official website and what experience they are having. The tool is specifically a lot more successful in finding opportunities and blockers, visualizing behavior, and enhancing online form completion rates. Feedback analytics and polls further assist you significantly in understanding the patterns behind visitor behavior.

2- Ubbersuggest

For finding relevant keywords and optimizing the entire website, Ubbersuggest is, without any second thoughts, one of the most effective SEO tools available at present. It has a lot of features, such as reverse-engineering the competitors’ SEO and strategies for Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. The tool efficiently helps you in gaining insights into all the strategies that are working quite well for others in the industry to enhance the performance of your business. With proven success in its keyword tool, Ubersuggest shows various keyword suggestions from head terms to long-tail phrases. Besides, it also displays the competition, volume, and seasonal trends for every such keyword.

3- Moz

If we go behind the concept of traditional web analytics, then Moz indeed offers a pretty smarter way of carrying out the process of marketing. And, website optimization falls under the primary focus of this tool. It aims at simplifying the SEO techniques, services, and solutions for every business through its software. Its toolset includes a lot of features such as link building, keyword research, page optimization insights, site audit, to name a few. Furthermore, Moz also offers a variety of other free online tools like Moz Cast, Moz Bar, and Keyword Explorer.

4- SimilarWeb

A myriad of widely known businesses across the globe, including Nike, Google, and eBay, use SimilarWeb, which is a global market intelligence company and currently employs even than 400 people across all its global offices in four continents. SimilarWeb’s unique solutions help businesses in boosting website traffic. It offers brilliant ways of optimizing the overall SEO Strategy by coming up with a full list of target keywords having immense potential for driving the highest traffic share to any website. Additionally, the tool also assists businesses in optimizing their official websites for mobile devices and smartphones.

5- Keyword Tool

As an online keyword research tool, the Keyword Tool effectively automates the generation of keyword suggestions for PPC Advertising and SEO Campaigns. It is appropriate for all the SEO professionals and Content Marketing Agencies out there. It analyzes all the search trends on Google, finds the terms that relate to your business domain, and then customizes the content present on your official website accordingly. It helps in exploring a lot of new long-tail keywords corresponding to any topic by generating Google’s search suggestions automatically and identifying keywords from other platforms as well, like Twitter, YouTube, and Play Store.

6- Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a widely used toolset for analyzing SEO and backlinks. It helps in growing your search traffic, keeping an eye on your competitors, and monitoring your niche. It also assists in accelerating the growth of organic search traffic to websites. The professionals at Ahrefs store a lot of data and make the same conveniently accessible through a robust user interface, which you can use in your keyword research, content marketing, link building, and SEO strategies. Because of Ahrefs’ reliable data, intuitive design, and innovative features, it is highly advisable for all the digital marketers out there to use the same.

7- Zapier

With the objective of “Easy automation for busy people,” Zapier works on making the task of website optimization way more effortless for every other business. Its toolset performs a full analysis of an entire website. Zapier does a lot of work for enhancing processes, recommending new applications, and automating your complete workflow. The tool is specifically beneficial in linking applications and systems together, along with managing the entry of data. At present, even more than three million people depend on Zapier for taking care of all their tedious tasks. Some well-known companies BuzzFeed, Adobe, and Spotify, use Zapier as well.

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