Social Media Marketing – Ideas, Tips, and Trends

Social Media Marketing

Like all the Digital Marketing channels, social media is also always evolving. The technologies and capabilities of all the social media platforms are consistently changing, and so is the behavior of every individual around. So what are the key social media trends you need to know in 2019? Understanding your audience well, creating engaging content, and crafting appropriate messages are a few crucial factors that should be kept in mind always. However, there is a lot to unveil and explore in this statement. Ideas, tips, and trends that will matter the most to the marketers, businesses, and brands are as follows:

1- Be Responsive to your Audience

If you don’t love your audience or care about them, why would you even expect them to stay loyal towards you or your brand? Without any second thoughts, social media is all about engagement and relationships. Being authentic and staying updated can lead to a good start. Making sincere efforts to respond quickly to all the customer related issues, complaints, and queries not only offers support to the audience but is also imperative for the overall social brand loyalty. Every business organization needs to understand that connecting with the customers on social media platforms isn’t restricted to get traffic and increase online visibility; it is more about being present and interacting with them within the website or app. Being aware of the customers and knowing how they interact with the brand on social media platforms play a significant role in engaging with them in the right tone and medium. Therefore, being responsive and engaged with the audience can prove to be fruitful for every business in the long run.

2- Share Authentic Stories and Moments

Stories have an immense power to create a meaningful and transparent relationship between the business or brand and the end customer. Less of the static updates and more of the raw, intimate, and behind-the-scenes stories can have a positive impact on the target audience by strongly influencing them. To cut through the clutter, the business and brand owners need to share moments, secrets, and stories that matter to the people and not to their brands. Using evergreen Content Marketing strategies and creating one-minute videos can help to fuel search rankings and traffic.

3- Collaborate with Influencers and Micro-influencers

Nowadays, various social media platforms have millions of influencers and micro-influencers who in turn have a large number of followers. Every post, tweet, story, or comment posted by such influencers is seen by many people across the globe. However, the growing popularity of these influencers results in them charging more for their services. In such cases, the micro-influencer marketing strategy can lend a helping hand to the business and brand owners. Although the fan-following of micro-influencers is less than that of the famous social media influencers, they can still draw the attention of many people as they are experts in their respective domains. In a nutshell, the micro-influencers and influencers are trustworthy, holding high potential for promoting the brands.

4- Opt for Videos and Live Streaming

It won’t be wrong to say that if an image is worth a thousand words, then a video will be worth a million words. While being the most famous tool, videos are all set to increase their popularity in the coming years as well. Without any doubt, we have now entered the age of live videos too, which are way more authentic, engaging, and can increase the reputation of any business. When the viewers or customers watch the live videos of any product or service, they find them to be very useful and take the instant decision of purchasing that particular product or service. However, while creating such videos, all businesses must pay attention to the relevance and interactivity of the content presented in them and in today’s highly competitive world, denying the growing trend of videos and live streaming isn’t advisable.

5- Give priority to Personalized Customer Experience

Personalized Customer Experience or Personalization indeed plays a crucial role in building and retaining relationships with customers. Personalized marketing helps in enhancing the convenience of the end customers, and personalized content offers useful and relevant information to the customers. With new technologies, including AI, ML, to name a few, gathering relevant information related to the customers has become simpler for the brand and business owners. Therefore, the companies can now send engaging content to the customers for addressing them in a more personalized way using social media posts and messages.

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There is absolutely no exaggeration in expressing the fact that 2019 and the subsequent years will revolve around the customers who are highly active on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, amongst many others. All the ideas, tips, and trends mentioned above will surely help the business visionaries in addressing the people on social media and connecting with them for providing a personalized experience.

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