Marketing Strategies to Promote your Brand on Pinterest

Brand on Pinterest

If you still believe that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the be-all and end-all of social media networks and marketing tools, it’s high time now to think again and welcome the goldmine opportunity for your business and its brand – Pinterest. As an image-centric social media channel, Pinterest is rapidly gaining market share with its high engagement levels. It can efficiently help you in attracting new customers by further influencing their buying decisions. The reason why so many users across the globe are in favor of Pinterest is that it allows them to discover a variety of new products in any category and enhances their quality of life. Before going any further, let’s make ourselves familiar with how Pinterest works. Users share images or pictures that they find online by pinning them, which is just the equivalent of ‘like’ option on Facebook. To pin items from any website, users have to download a toolbar. The image, along with the information then appears on the Pinterest board, and your followers can view your collection and re-pin them if they wish to. The ultimate simplicity of this platform is what increases its worth and makes it a growing social media network of the present era to promote your business.

So, let’s now have a look at a few Marketing Strategies, which shall help you significantly in improving your reach and promoting your brand.

Share Your Innovative and Useful Products

The best possible and most efficient way of using Pinterest for promoting your business and its brand is by pinning your creative products and sharing the same with others. There are indeed several different ways in which you can make the most of this strategy and extract the ultimate benefits. As you can create many boards, it will be suitable to group your pins as per the product category for the different types of customers, like items and products for men, women, kids, artists, etc. Doing the same will help in creating a virtual product catalog of interest for the customers, and thereby give them some innovative gift ideas. Besides, you can also consider coming up with your best board to display the most popular products.

Highlight Your Exclusive Services

Not every other business has products or items to sell. If your business company or firm has some exclusive services to offer, you can look forward to using Pinterest as a useful marketing tool and create a kind of visual resume. For instance, if your business is about Web Development and Designing, you can pin a screenshot of your official website’s homepage and display some of your best projects or works. If you offer services corresponding to consulting or writing, Pinterest can prove to beneficial for you in sharing pictures or images conveying a message about your work. Like, for example, financial consultants can pin pictures representing client goals.

Maximize your SEO Efforts

After pinning your innovative products or services, you can grab the opportunity to maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts and strategies for driving traffic to your business website. By using quality backlinks, relevant keywords, and compelling and informative descriptions, you can encourage and attract your target audience to visit your official website and know more about your offerings. Furthermore, you can also share your pins on various other social media channels as well, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to encourage more links to your website and its products. Such strategies, if implemented in the right manner, shall improve your search engine rankings and bring in more traffic to your business website.

Offer Engaging Content

By offering exclusive and engaging content, you can encourage the users to interact with you and attract them to visit your official business website. You can further conduct contests by asking the users to re-pin your products for each entry as the more products are re-pinned, the more will be the buzz around your business and its offerings. Additionally, you can also consider giving discounts, giveaways, and other options for promotions to increase brand awareness and drive more sales.

Engage with your Users

As Pinterest is a social media network, it will take some time for every business to connect with its users and build a community around the brand. Whenever you see a user, who has re-pinned your product or item, you must make an effort to post a comment and thank him or her. Following other users will encourage them to follow your brand as well. Moreover, you can also ask for customer feedback and suggestions, and further, ask them to re-pin their favorite or most-liked products in your catalog. Without any doubt, the more efforts you will put in for encouraging customer interaction and satisfaction, the better shall be your relationships with them. Therefore, it is highly advisable to engage with your users as a part of your overall marketing strategy and promote your business.

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