Latest Software Development Trends That Are Going To Rule In 2019

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It is rightly said that the change is the only constant. This perfectly fits right when it comes to technology as the world of technology is never motionless. Because of the fast pace changes, it is really difficult to keep up with the latest technology advancements.

The software development industry is one of the most demanding places as you need to constantly evolve with the latest technological development. Because of so many channels in software development, it is extremely grueling to deal with the latest trends and developments.

So, let’s find out the latest Software Development trends in 2019.

Software Development trends in 2019.

    1. Artificial Intelligence
    2. Mixed Reality Evolution
    3. Blockchain Technology
    4. Progressive Web Applications
    5. Cyber Security
    6. Internet of Things
    7. JavaScript 


Organizations are well aware of the fact the digital transformation is the key aspect of business strategies for getting better results. Today, Artificial Intelligence is one of the main drivers of digital transformation. Adopting an artificial intelligence system is no more an option, but a necessity for business. It is found in surveys that 40% of businesses have either already adopted or are currently developing a framework for artificial intelligence. This trend will further escalate the demand for AI software developers. As per the Chief Data Officers (CDO), there will be a definite surge in the AI specialist demand in the coming years.


Mixed reality is nothing but the physical and digital world amalgamation into one world. It has great untapped potential and is the next big thing in human-computer interaction evolution. It has become possible because of technology advancement in computer vision, display technology, and graphical processing power.

It is now consolidated into mobile applications and large-scale web.  For example, many e-commerce business websites offer a view of clothing on virtual mannequins to enhance the user experience. There are various applications that virtually design the home with colors, furniture, and interior designs to a better idea of the product and services to the clients.


Many surveys have revealed that the blockchain technology will transform almost every industry in the coming years. Consequently, many companies are now massively focusing on blockchain development-related services. Blockchain-a distributed ledger technology is no more restricted to the mainstream finance sector. It has now built inroads to different industries like insurance, healthcare, IT and much more. Many MNCs like Apple and JPMorgan are investing hard and are recruiting thousands of workforces on projects powered by blockchain technology. This implies that companies will require a blockchain supported software application, which will lead to a simultaneous rise in demand of the blockchain developers.


A combination of mobile applications and a regular web app is called as a progressive web application (PWA). The demand for PWA applications is expected to increase in the future as these applications are comparatively easier to build and maintain than the other mobile applications. There is a script called Service Worker that runs in the background by browser, separated from the web page. This script is an integral part of PWA that enables smart caching, offline functionality to already visited website, to update in the background, push notifications and other crucial features. It means that the website will load faster even when there is no network. This model is the perfect mélange to get the advantages of both parts, i.e. mobile applications and the web.


Remember the commotion created by WannaCry? How can anyone forget it, right?  But even today, many business owners are completely clueless on how to fortify the confidential information and data of the clients and organizations. In a time where many big companies are illegally mining data for their self-interest, it is of utmost importance to not compromise with the data security. Cybersecurity is important both for the external and internal front of any organization. Software and internal functionality are also equally important to safeguard from vulnerabilities that can attack in development and later stages.


Till now it is commonly assumed that software applications are built only for mobile and desktop platforms. But this notion is completely wrong. As software is now written for home speakers, wearable devices, and smart thermostats etc.

It is predicted that the internet of things (IoT), devices will exceed $520 billion by 2021. Therefore, it is important to develop cross-platform devices for small screens, in virtual reality and with voice controls.


With already riding on high popularity, JavaScript will be dominating the world of software development in the next millennia too. Already more than 70% of the software developers are currently using this, and figures are expected to rise until something better than JavaScript comes up in the market.

As per the GitHub, JavaScript has the highest contributors from the various companies, private and public repositories across the globe.


It is imperative to constantly evolve with the latest trends in order to not leave behind the competitors and to maintain a competitive edge in the industry.


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