Increasing Sales Using Email Marketing and Facebook Advertising


If you are the owner of a small business or running a startup, you have two efficient, powerful, and cost-effective response drivers at your fingertips, namely, Email Marketing and Facebook Advertising. On the one hand, email marketing can help you in moving your customers through the sales funnel, and launching new products or services, and on the other hand, Facebook advertising provides you with the ability to target extremely narrow audiences and make use of powerful lead generation tools and facilities. However, it is imperative to make a point of the fact that Facebook and email marketing channels, if used in tandem, can generate even better results. So, let’s discover a few tactics that you can use in your Digital Marketing Strategy for increasing the sales of your business.

1- Opt for Landing Pages to Connect Email and Facebook

Connecting Facebook to your landing page and then using it to build your mailing list can prove to be beneficial in the long-run. Furthermore, you can also use landing page software such as Leadpages, or Instapage to create a landing page that is built to convert, easily and quickly. Your landing page should offer something valuable to the target market, like ebooks or guides. To avail the ebook or instruction manual, the users will have to submit their email ids, which shall help you in increasing your mailing list. Without any doubt, it will be a remarkable opportunity for you if the customers are getting something valuable from your end, and you are, in turn, receiving their email ids. Besides, you need to ensure that your landing page focuses on the CTA to prevent potential customers from getting distracted by the links that take them off the page.

2- Try to Advertise to Lookalike Audiences

The most effective selling point of Facebook advertising lies in its targeting capabilities, which allows you to target your potential customers narrowly or widely, as required. For instance, if you want to target women between the age group 25-30 having an interest in cooking, you can do so using Facebook’s ability to create lookalike audiences in the form of groups, which is where Facebook advertising meets email marketing. Let’s try to understand this scenario with the help of an example. If you upload your email list of 5000 email addresses on Facebook, it will help you by automatically matching those names to as many existing Facebook profiles, as it can. Let’s suppose it could find 3500 exact matches; it will then analyze these 3500 profiles and look for commonalities. After examining everything, Facebook will create a new audience of profile customers who aren’t there in your email list, but match in as many aspects as possible, which will be your lookalike audience. The business owners and marketers can then send ads to everyone in their lookalike audience. The best thing about lookalike audiences is that these profiles are very much likely to be new to your brand and its business. These people probably don’t know you but share interests and similarities with the individuals who like you and your brand. Therefore, it is quite likely for these people to become your customers in the long-run.

3- Find those People Who Didn’t Open or Read your Email

For every business trying to establish itself in the market quickly, building an email list is a must. When people share their email addresses with you, it is a sign that they are looking to buy from you. You can email them a variety of things like information about new product launches, promotions, news, and offers. Emailing your list is indeed a remarkably effective and inexpensive method. However, not everybody in your list shall open, read, or respond to such emails. As per the experts, people ignore 80% of the emails they receive every day. To make sure your emails aren’t getting ignored, you need to harness the power of Facebook Advertising. Using your email marketing software, you can generate the email addresses of the people who didn’t open or read your email. Upload the list on Facebook and wait for it to match those email addresses with a Facebook profile. You can then communicate with those people via Facebook and reinforce your brand awareness, which would eventually lead to increased sales.

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