How to Write Brilliant Content for your Business on LinkedIn

Without any second thoughts, LinkedIn has now become a widely-known B2B networking platform for most of the businesses across the globe. Additionally, the platform’s strength and proficiency are all set to increase its value in the coming years as well. As per various surveys conducted by Digital Marketing experts, LinkedIn is the single most popular platform that most of the business companies and firms use to share relevant content. The professional focus of the platform is what sets it apart from the other social media platforms out there. It is a matter of fact that yes – a lot of business companies and organizations do have their presence on LinkedIn; however, not all of them are making the most out of the potential that the platform offers. Only having a LinkedIn presence and adding business connections won’t do much for you. You need to post compelling and useful content on the platform from time-to-time to foster your business connections and lead towards the ultimate path of success.

Publishing Content on LinkedIn

Blogging is undoubtedly an integral part of every other Digital Marketing Strategy, and LinkedIn has a no different opinion in this scenario. If your content is engaging and worthy, the users shall always take out time to read it.

When we talk about LinkedIn, writing a blog on it isn’t similar to blogging for your official business website. The chances of a user taking out time to read a lengthy blog on LinkedIn are pretty low. The real reason behind the same lies in the fact that social media platforms, including LinkedIn, prefer compelling content in more economical formats. Therefore, the native LinkedIn content should be shorter in length and easier to understand. The best and most effective writing style for LinkedIn is somewhere between a full blog and an email.

Another difference between the content available on an official business website and LinkedIn lies in the way the users access that content. In general, the users go out of their way to read an official website blog either by clicking on the title or following an external link to it. In the case of LinkedIn, the users first see the few paragraphs of a blog on their feed and then decide to click the ‘see more’ option only if it appeals to them. Hence, it is exceedingly imperative to catch the users’ attention in the first few paragraphs of the blog itself. In this case, what you can efficiently do is, use an attractive header image and make the first few sentences of the post supremely engaging.

Paying Due Attention to Personalization

Although LinkedIn is a professional network; however, the same doesn’t imply that it can’t be personal. Furthermore, it is a social media network, as well. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the content you post on LinkedIn is not straight out of your official business website’s home page. Personal touch and authenticity are the critical aspects of every other social media platform. All that you require doing is gain traction on LinkedIn by building an influential brand image and adding a touch of personalization.

Creating Compelling Videos

In the present digital era, users always react well to visually appealing content. Without any doubt, visual content in the form of images, videos, and infographics are in the list of the highest performing digital content types. Moreover, as per various reports, nearly about 55% of the users prefer videos over any other content type. Videos perform pretty well on LinkedIn as they effectively break down information into digestible, clean, and concise formats. Additionally, the users don’t require putting in any extra effort to understand the information that you communicate in your videos. So, if you are looking forward to grabbing the attention of your target audience, then creating videos can prove to be a lot more beneficial for your business.

Sharing Third-Party Content

If you wish to build a successful LinkedIn presence, then you first need to understand that it is not only a social media platform but also a business networking tool. For enhancing your business profile on LinkedIn, you need to come up with engaging content and also share the content that belongs to other people or businesses. By doing the same, you will establish better relations in the industry and have access to meaningful interactions on the platform. It shall also help you significantly in expanding your network and building connections with other content creators, who can, in turn, level up your Content Marketing Strategy

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