How to Improve Organic Search Ranking in 2020


In the present digital age, there are nearly about 40,000 search queries typed onto Google every other second, which makes 3.5 billion searches in a single day. If your business generates traffic online via the Google search, then you indeed have some fierce competition to deal with nowadays. As there are billions of searches conducted every day, there is a dire need to make sure that your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game is robust and efficient in all aspects. Doing so is necessary as SEO is what we refer to as the bridge that connects the customers to your brand and its business and further generates leads. It is a matter of fact that yes – correctly implemented SEO opens all the doors for Google’s traffic to your business. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with the top-notch ways of increasing organic rankings.

1. Create Compelling Content

Without any doubt, you can quite conveniently hold the attention of your target audience with compelling content. Relevant, engaging, and meaningful content proves to be exceedingly beneficial in keeping a user stick to your business website, which further influences your organic ranking to a great extent. Moreover, high-quality and fresh content is like a glittery token that not only grabs the attention of your potential customers but also entices them to return to your official website. Consequently, visitors keep coming to your website, which gets you more traffic at all times. Last but not least, for sure, informative and useful content encourages the target audience to bookmark your business website on their web browser. Therefore, it would be wise to admit the fact that content creation can help significantly in improving your website’s overall SEO ranking.

2. Focus on Originality

In addition to coming up with compelling content, it is equally imperative to keep the element of originality in mind. Undoubtedly, the term SEO stands on the pillar of individuality, as a result of which, same or duplicate content shall eventually harm your organic ranking. Also, republishing articles and blog posts from other sources is harmful to your official website’s SEO. Therefore, stick to the idea of coming up with original content and avoid duplication. The result of posting original content is gaining the visitors’ trust, which, in turn, is a necessary ingredient for good SEO.

3. Optimize all the Images

Images hold immense potential for captivating the viewers’ attention. It is a matter of fact that yes – pictures always speak louder than words, due to which, you should make it a point to optimize all the images on your official website. Various factors, like image format and size, are crucial to boosting organic traffic. Images larger in size take a lot of time in loading and ultimately cause damage to your search engine ranking. Hence, it is highly advisable to compress or resize images for optimizing them. Furthermore, use relevant keywords in the image’s title, description, file name, alt tag, and caption for creating a link between search engines and image content, and improving SEO.

4. Improve the Page Load Time

In the present digital era, one can never deny the fact that a slowly loading website indeed causes a lot of harm. As per various reports and surveys conducted by the Digital Marketing experts, 80% of the visitors don’t return to the slow-loading official websites, which leads to a loss in the search engine rankings. Therefore, it is imperative to optimize the page load time of your business website by first checking the speed, and then upgrading is subsequently.

5. Make use of Header Tags

Without the use of some extraordinary features, your content doesn’t prove to be appealing to the eye and fails miserably to get any attention from the visitors. Remember, appropriate formatting enhances the user experience by motivating the reader to spend more time on your business website, which further results in improving your overall organic ranking. What you can effectively do is make use of header tags to break the content into small sections, which makes everything more organized and readable. Also, including relevant keywords in the header tags is a brilliant way of improving the SEO ranking.

6. Start Blogging

Digital marketing experts always suggest that blogging proves to be successful for brands and businesses in the long run and increases the chances of achieving a positive ROI manifold. In your blog posts, you can efficiently use more keywords, which results in attracting qualified leads and improving your official website’s overall visibility. If you can gather faithful readers via your blogs, then you can eventually generate more traffic to your business website as well. You can also include high-quality images and links in your blog posts. Additionally, ensure putting up updated content for improving the dwell time, that is, the total time visitors spend on your official website.

7. Create Engaging Meta Descriptions

The Meta descriptions help in giving a quick peek into the webpage’s content. Many search engines like Google display this description right under the page title. It is through this Meta description only that a visitor decides whether he or she shall read your content or not. Therefore, you need to focus on coming up with compelling Meta descriptions.  Also, you can efficiently insert the researched keywords in this description as the words that align with the searcher’s query appear in bold. Finally, it is crucial to know and understand that using the same meta-text over and over again is not a good practice at all.

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