How to Generate Leads with Instagram Stories?

Generate Leads with Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram, a widely known photo sharing and social networking platform, has become quite popular amongst teens and young adults. Interestingly, Instagram is also a brilliant platform for generating B2B leads and increasing overall brand awareness. According to various reports and surveys conducted by experts in the field of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, around 80% of the users on Instagram follow at least one business profile, and 75% of the users take action after viewing a post. Furthermore, other exclusive features of Instagram, including Instagram Stories, also get even more than 300 million active users in a day. It implies that focusing exclusively on this feature can also help you in generating a lot of leads. Do you wish to know how brands and businesses use Instagram Stories to convert their followers into customers? Let’s make ourselves familiar with the same by knowing how to use Instagram Stories what kind of stories brands put out.

Try to Add Personality to your Stories

The best possible advantage of Instagram Stories lies in the fact that they allow you to personalize them as per your brand’s personality. As your target audience shall always look forward to seeing the human side of your brand, you must add a human touch to your Instagram Stories. Additionally, while designing your stories, you must also keep in mind that Instagram users prefer user experience over informational content. Using stickers and adding music to your Instagram Stories can further help in adding individuality to your brand. Introducing your team to your audience shall also make them believe that they are a part of your team. Consequently, their interest in your brand will be more than ever before, and you will be able to generate more sales and revenue.

Opt for Making Popular Content a Regular Feature

One can never deny the fact that human beings are driven by habits because let’s admit it when we like something, we see it over and over again till the time we get bored of it. The same is with Instagram Stories as well. Put in efforts to identify the type of content having the ability to strike a chord with your target market, and make it a regular feature of Instagram Marketing Strategy. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. If your target audience or potential customers are engaging with product demos, you can include them in your everyday Instagram feed for winning loyal followers and converting them into B2B leads eventually.

Always Share Purpose Driven Posts and Updates

For getting more leads, sales, and engagement via Instagram, you must – use relevant hashtags instead of the famous ones; have a posting strategy that aligns with your brand and business in all aspects; use geotags wherever possible to boost user engagement; add a Call-to-Action (CTA).

Go Ahead with Using Captions as your CTAs

Using a Call-to-Action is necessary for telling the users what to do next and further persuading them to take actions, which you would want them to take. While using CTAs, you need to be extra careful as going overboard with CTAs is likely to cause you more harm than any good. Most of the people using Instagram don’t wish to visit any other website or platform. However, you also need to divert them to your business website, which you can do by mixing up your CTAs. With Instagram’s facility to add more content to your caption, you can subtly include a CTA in your caption or even add a mini-blog.

Be a Thought Leader on Instagram

Many Instagram users must be aware of the fact that Instagram stories last for only 24 hours, making it an ideal tool for delivering thought leadership content. Posting short-lived thought leadership content in your Instagram stories will make your target market and potential customers consider it a brilliant experience. Furthermore, it will also be successful in creating a sense of urgency among your followers by forcing them to view the story as quickly as possible. You should, therefore, focus on useful insights on relevant business issues and trending industry topics. Sharing your experience, giving a product demonstration can also prove to be equally beneficial.

Use More Videos

Nowadays, using videos to a great extent and making the most of it can offer many fruitful outcomes as most of the customers are likely to buy a product or avail a service after watching a video about it. Moreover, it is also an effective way of keeping your target audience engaged and building connections quickly.

Make Sure to Create your Own Sales Funnel for Instagram

One can never deny the fact that almost every Instagram user is different and belongs to a different phase in the buyer’s journey. Everyone ranging from a teen to a business owner, searches for different brands on Instagram. Hence, it is essential to post content and Instagram stories for every other stage of the sales funnel. You can also create Instagram ads for all stages of the sales funnel. For the top of the funnel, you should focus on solving the industry issues and telling your prospects about how your business operates. For the middle and bottom part of the funnel, you should publish comprehensive content that focuses on your products and services, and highlight the benefits associated with them.

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