How can Businesses Use Marketing and SEO to Deal with the Coronavirus Impact?

Coronavirus Impact

At this point, every individual across the globe should be taking all the safety precautions suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO). All the countries are making sincere efforts and stepping up with their policies to ensure the utmost protection of their citizens. However, the thing is that for small business owners and self-employed individuals, help in the Coronavirus crisis can be arduous to find. Whether you have a family-owned restaurant, a landscaping business, a privately-owned company, or a small retail shop, you may experience revenue losses in the next few months. Without any second thoughts, there is indeed a lot of uncertainty around the potential economic impact of the Coronavirus, which is undoubtedly scary. The question that now strikes is how businesses can survive the economic impact of the Coronavirus outbreak efficiently. Remember, it is not the time for creating a panic as all you have to do is keep calm and start optimizing. Also, the world is going to recover, too, so put in sincere efforts for tackling all the potentially impactful SEO and Digital Marketing strategies that you have had on your back burner. Now, it’s time to make ourselves familiar with a few tasks that you and your team can do while self-isolating and working remotely.

1. Make Use of Video Calls

While practicing social distancing, you can make the most out of platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom to host and record video calls. By doing the same, you can effectively get in touch with your employees. Also, you can connect with your customers, know about their unique experiences, and share knowledge about your culture, products, and services. Moreover, in the coming future, videos will become a rich source of insider info for your social media content, blog posts, media releases, and so on. Therefore, as a business owner, there is a dire need for you to invest your time and efforts accordingly.

2. Evaluate your Content Assets

During this slow down period, you must look forward to evaluating your content assets with the help of a mini-audit. What you can proactively do is create a new Excel sheet or Google sheet and list the different content types, including blog posts, webpages, presentations, videos, emails, whitepapers, articles, and so on. The next step involves evaluating each piece of content with a critical eye, like which content type got the maximum backlinks, social shares, and traffic. After having the results in hand, you can create fresh content by adding new CTAs, keywords, and internal links.

3. Focus on Pay-per-Click Advertising

As more people are at home nowadays and in front of their screens most of the time, it is undoubtedly a terrific opportunity for brands and businesses to use PPC Advertising, connect with their potential customers, and gain a competitive advantage. Also, as a consequence of reduced competition across all verticals of advertising since the last week, businesses can look forward to capturing traffic and conversions while providing solutions, maintaining exposure, and prioritizing budget spend during these uncertain circumstances.

4. Stay Ahead of your Competition

SEO helps significantly in increasing the organic traffic to your business website and further moving past your competition in the industry. For climbing the top of the SERPs, you need to devote some time and come up with strategic optimization strategies. If you don’t wish to lose valuable ground in the search results, then make sure you continue optimizing your business website and its content regularly. It is a matter of fact that yes – the current situation is depressing; however, it is still a  good time for your business to push even harder and surpass your arch-competitors.

5. Prepare your Business for the Bounce-Back Surge

The Coronavirus outbreak is soon going to fade like it already has in China after a few months. It will be the time when normalcy would return, and the spending habits of the customers will get stabilized. SEO is more like a long-term strategy as what you are doing today will affect your organic search traffic in the next two months from now. By halting your SEO strategies now, you can have a detrimental impact on your revenue generated when the Coronavirus shall start to become a distant memory. Hence, you must anticipate the low times to get the results in your favor when you require them the most.

Bottom Line

Everything ranging from the need for social distancing, supply chain interruptions to impending economic uncertainty is a serious matter of concern for the business owners around the world. If you are a business owner, then you must be having the responsibility of your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. However, you must make a point of the fact that you need to take care of yourself first so that you are in good shape to treat others well. Our words and perspective matter the most. Focusing well on the future and what we can do effectively to prepare for the recovery deserve our utmost attention too.

Do you have some plans to tackle various aspects of your business amid the Coronavirus crisis? Share your ideas and tips with others in the comment section given below.

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