Here’s Why Memes Should be a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Without any second thoughts, memes are everywhere, be it Facebook timelines, Instagram feeds, Twitter, or Reddit threads. It’s like they have become a unit of cultural currency in the present digital era and are loved by almost everyone, specifically the younger generation. In simple terms, memes are humorous, familiar, and shareable pieces of content, often consisting of images and text intended for quick consumption. But, what about memes and Digital Marketing? How did a casual and fun thing like memes end up becoming a part of much serious and profit-focused digital marketing? It has left everyone around baffled, but it undoubtedly works well, or should we say very well. Many global brands like Gucci, Chipotle, Future Kind, Adobe, and The Beard Club are making the most out of something as informal as memes. The reason for doing so is that memes help brands receive good engagement levels from their target audience and build their voice and image. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that memes are effective and hold the potential to do wonders for different marketing activities!

Exploring the Magic of Memes in Digital Marketing

It is a matter of fact that yes, memes are loved immensely by the younger generations, and they use them a lot for expressing and communicating their feelings and views. But is that all for big businesses and brands to incorporate meme marketing in their overall Digital Marketing Strategy? The answer is ‘no’ as meme marketing has various other advantages to offer as well, some of which are as follows:

  1. Memes Offer a Healthy Way of Marketing– People nowadays know their way around the online space very well. Memes often emerge as a good form of entertainment preferred by them. The same implies that if a brand or business uses memes for marketing, chances are pretty high that people will reciprocate. In this way, a business or brand can have a wider and farther reach – that too organic!
  2. Memes are Cheap and Easy to CreateThere is some homespun charm to memes. Any individual can create memes as the meme templates carry no copyright; so, there is no licensing fee involved, which is a big win for saving costs. Also, the benefits of this aspect don’t end here – meme templates are versatile, which implies that a single template could be used for showcasing multiple things. However, for doing the same, you need to have a good sense of humor (like coming up with a witty caption), up-to-date and deep knowledge about meme trends, and basic photo editing skills.
  3. Memes are Simple and Save Time in the Marketing Effort – When we talk about running a typical digital marketing campaign, we all know that a business has to allocate significant resources to it. Now, when it comes to meme marketing, it is not at all resource-intensive. A single employee in your company can come up with many high-quality memes every single day, provided he possesses the skills mentioned in the point above. Also, unlike the traditional digital marketing material, analyzing the impact a meme may have on the target audience of a brand or business is relatively simple. All in all, as long as a meme is humorous, appropriate, and relatable – it will do wonders for your digital marketing efforts.
  4. Memes Enhance Brand Value– Memes are fun and cool, and being cool nowadays is considered good for every other brand or business. In other words, staying connected to the meme culture and using memes to communicate well with your target audience are sure-shot ways of being cool in the present digital world. These aspects not only help create a sense of belongingness among your customers towards your brand but also provide an additional organic reach.
  5. Memes Generate Instant Feedback – The reason for the existence of memes is that they go viral. However, there are absolutely no guarantees on this front, and most memes usually die out quickly. But brands and businesses should undoubtedly see this as a learning opportunity instead of refraining from using memes. As long as the attempt to create memes is something beneficial and not disastrous, business owners and marketers can use memes to generate instant feedback from their potential and already existing customers. Remember, if it fits your brand or business, it is always worth taking a shot in coming up with a meme. As already discussed, memes are cheap and easy to create and fade promptly if they don’t go viral. On the other hand, if they do go viral, then it would be exciting to find out that you just tapped into something you never knew about your target audience.

Final Thoughts

There’s one thing we all need to make a point of, i.e., memes are here to stay, and that too for a long period. Therefore, if you wish to gain many competitive advantages, memes must find a way into your digital marketing and Social Media Marketing strategies.

Businesses and brands also need to understand that memes will only help meet some of the digital marketing objectives; for instance, if you push a sales message, your target audience will be put off in no time. In this case, the ultimate key to success lies in understanding the pulse of your target audience and adding something valuable that contributes well to the moment. It is highly advisable to find the right social media platforms, research the preferences of your target audience, use a tone that fits your brand well, and incorporate the latest trends.

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