Here’s How You Can Use Twitter to Increase the Online Reach of Your Business

Twitter is undoubtedly an extraordinary social media platform for increasing the online reach of your brand or business. If you are involved in Inbound Marketing, you need to understand that Twitter is not just a social media platform to grow your customer base via worth-of-mouth marketing – it is also where you can meet your true customers.

For succeeding as a brand or business on Twitter nowadays, you must stand out from the crowd. However, the same can mean different things for different businesses across different industries on Twitter. To make things simpler and easier for you, here’s a blog explaining how you can leverage Twitter’s power to increase the online reach of your business.

  1. Create a Compelling Profile

Setting yourself up for success on Twitter by creating a compelling profile is what needs to be done first. You would never want someone to turn away from your profile on Twitter or your business in general just because you didn’t put up a profile image. Uploading attractive images for both your account’s profile picture and banner holds a lot of importance. Most of the brands and businesses have their respective logos as their profile pictures. On the other hand, the banner is where you can show your creativity by using different colors and imagery.

If you have just started using Twitter or have a new business in the market, ensure making your Twitter handle relevant to your company name. Another thing that you can ensure doing every day is updating your pinned tweet. It stays at the top of your feed and would therefore help in engaging well with your target audience. Refining your location, website link, and description is also exceedingly important. Doing such things will make your potential customers know about your business and its offerings.

  1. Add Value to Your Twitter Content 

Just like you add value to your Digital Marketing content, you need to add value to your Twitter content as well. In this scenario, it becomes essential to keep in mind the persona of your target audience because the ultimate key to creating successful inbound content is making your potential customers feel that you are talking to them directly. When we talk about adding value to your Twitter content, you need to figure out if your tweets bring forward a unique idea, educate your target audience, or entertain them. Without any of these aspects, your content is very much likely to fall flat and eventually fail. Remember, your ultimate purpose on Twitter is to connect well with the users and strike meaningful conversations.

  1. Optimize Your Twitter Content Well

After adding value to your Twitter content, the next step lies in making sure that people see it. For this, you require optimizing your content using different strategies. Hashtags help spread your content, but one needs to be careful about how many to use. Using too many hashtags may make your target audience perceive your business as spammy or something like you are trying to steal their attention. It is, therefore, highly advisable to stop overusing hashtags and make use of only one or at most two relevant hashtags per tweet. If you want more eyes on your content, you can search well on hashtags that suit your business the best. Last but not least, you need to pay attention to how often you tweet. In this scenario, you need to ensure not clogging the feeds of your potential customers with unnecessary content. Experimenting with the time you tweet is also a brilliant tactic for reaching out to more people. For this, you need to figure out the time when your target audience is most likely to be online.

  1. Engage Well With Your Target Audience

Engaging well with your target audience on a day-to-day basis is very much important. For making your potential customers stay involved with your brand or business, you can look forward to tagging your audience in your tweets, responding to their comments, or coming up with fun giveaways. Remember, for leading towards the ultimate path of success on Twitter – it is imperative to build a loyal community and implement community management tactics across the board.

  1. Analyze & Measure Your Results

When your business goals and objectives are sorted, you can conveniently analyze and measure the results of your performance on any social media network. For analyzing and measuring your performance on Twitter, you can click on the ‘Twitter Analytics’ option in the drop-down menu available at the top right corner of your Twitter account’s dashboard. A good tip for analyzing and measuring your results on the platform lies in focusing less on vanity metrics, i.e., your follower count or the number of impressions, as numbers that usually look great on paper don’t help meet the business goals and objectives. For having a better understanding of the content that is popular among your target audience and the one that translates to the highest number of leads, you need to make an account of the people who are clicking on your tweets or are interacting and engaging well with your business out of your total audience number.