Here’s How Businesses Can Grow Their YouTube Channels

There’s no better time than now to know and understand how your business can grow its YouTube Channel. But, why now? For starters, YouTube, at present, is the second-most visited platform on the web and the world’s leading source of on-demand video content with even more than a billion everyday users. Additionally, YouTube helps users in finding the content they are searching for quickly, thereby driving engagement. Therefore, it would be pretty wise to admit that YouTube offers a plethora of untapped potential for every other business out there. Whether you are a new business looking for ways to set up an online presence or have been using YouTube for a while but haven’t yet figured out how to utilize the true potential it has to offer, understanding how to use it effectively will undoubtedly grow your following. A business can leverage YouTube to grow its customer base using different ways, and here are the most effective ones to help businesses achieve the results they need.

1. Come Up With Engaging Video Titles

It is all about the presentation in Video Marketing, or YouTube Marketing, to be very precise. When it comes to titles, they literally make or break the performance of videos. Hence, it is imperative to craft compelling titles to grab the attention of your target audience but without resorting to clickbait headlines. Nowadays, people crave entertaining content, for which they would always want to know what your video is all about. For instance, many brands and businesses rely on question-based titles and listicles to attract more views, which is a brilliant tactic. Using relevant keywords in video titles works well too. Furthermore, “how-to” video titles and “best-of” lists prove to be a safe bet as well. In this scenario, the key takeaway is that businesses should spend time coming up with engaging video titles rather than sticking to the very first title that pops up in their head.

2.Optimize Videos for Brand Visibility 

It is essential to make a point of the fact that YouTube videos show up in approximately 70 percent of the top hundred search results on Google. Moreover, sometimes YouTube results show up even before the traditional blog posts or website results. In this case, what businesses need to do is start thinking of their YouTube videos as any other form of content that needs to be optimized well based on titles, descriptions, keywords, engagement levels, categories, and tags. Remember to use keywords that make sense, just like you do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website.

3.Understand What Your Target Audience Wants 

No matter what type or form of content you come up with, it is imperative to ensure that the same is aligned with what your target audience wants. Whether you are creating a video or writing an article, you should always start by getting to know your target audience well. If your business is comparatively new and you wish to promote its YouTube channel, you can start by observing your competitors in the industry and other video creators. You can watch the videos with the maximum views and engagement levels to understand what your target audience wants to learn about and what style of videos they prefer. If you have already uploaded many videos on your YouTube business channel, you can have a look at your YouTube Analytics to get detailed info on audience location, demographics, engagement levels, and other useful statistics.

4.Engage Well With the YouTube Community 

You might not consider YouTube as a social media platform; however, it does represent a thriving community where users engage via content, likes, and shares. YouTube sees any sort of interaction between you and your viewers as a positive signal. Hence, you should look forward to engaging well with your subscribers to foster a stronger connection with them. All in all, you need to keep in mind that YouTube is no different when it comes to responding to comments and engaging with your followers on a social media platform.

5.Host a YouTube Giveaway or Contest

YouTube users love one thing immensely, and that is giveaways. For encouraging people to subscribe to your channel and engage with your business, you can come up with contests or giveaways from time to time. To keep your contests or giveaways pretty simple, you can ask people to like your video, leave a comment (tag other people), and subscribe to your YouTube channel. For running a successful giveaway, make sure that you are following YouTube’s policies. It is always wise to give away a gift related to your brand or business to attract more genuine people than just freebie-seekers. Moreover, you can also get a bit more creative by incorporating user-generated content, along with other non-traditional entry requirements. But, be careful while hosting frequent YouTube contests or giveaways. You should always ensure getting good results from your efforts; otherwise, you would only end up wasting significant time, money, and resources. So, what you can do is wait for a while after hosting a giveaway and pay attention to your subscriber drop-off rate and engagement levels.